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4 neobanks come forward for their communities | Personal finance


Cheese comes at a time when hate crimes against Asian Americans are in the national spotlight. The neobank is encouraging customers to support Asian businesses by giving up to 10% cash back on debit card purchases at specific retailers, which was a feature added by popular demand.

Lian says the platform is working on accepting forms of identity verification in addition to social security numbers, making accounts accessible to recent immigrants. The Cheese app is available for iOS, and an Android version will launch this summer.

Purple: For people with disabilities

Purple seeks to help people with disabilities save money without risking losing government benefits. The Supplemental Security Income program provides monthly payments to nearly 8 million people, most of whom are disabled. And being in the program is a great way for many people to get health insurance through Medicaid. But to get the SSI, individuals cannot have more than $ 2,000, or $ 3,000 for couples, in total value on many assets, including bank accounts.

“Monthly deposit from traditional banks [or] the balance requirements are not sustainable for families who must navigate the asset limit, ”says John Ciocca, Founder and CEO of Purple.

He and his brother Christian are the team behind Purple and youBelong, a social media network that connects people with special needs and their families. Purple started out as a way to deal with the money management challenges that Christian and other members of the community face.


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