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A local business donates to Calvary Christian Academy | People


The directors of Standing Stone Consulting Inc., Huntingdon, recently donated to Calvary Christian Academy as part of the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit program. Standing Stone CEO Jim Hyslop, President Ian Thompson and Executive Vice President Lori Thompson presented a check for $ 5,000 to CCA Director Donald Kidd. The EITC program provides tax credits to companies that contribute to a scholarship organization, an education improvement organization, and / or a Pre-K scholarship organization.

“It’s a win-win because the donor receives a tax credit on their AP tax debt and these donations then become available so that qualified students can apply for scholarship assistance to attend the school of their choice,” explained Holly Teeters, CCA scholarship coordinator.

Standing Stone Consulting President Thompson explained, “Lori, Jim and I believe it is vital that we, parents, grandparents and business owners who serve the educational communities of our country, support the fact of ” have options that meet the needs of each child.

Not all children thrive in the same environment; some thrive in public education, some in technical education, some with a strong spiritual base and others in need of specialized educational environments (either for high performing students or for those who need support extra.) We value education and often when parents send their child to a private school. they do this out of the sense that this is of paramount importance in their child’s development and many do so to great difficulty.

This program helps families who could not afford it otherwise. We want all children to be able to be in the best school for their growth and success; this scholarship fund is a way to help young people in Pennsylvania have this opportunity.

For example, Teeters noted that currently 50-60% of Calvary Christian Academy students receive scholarships under the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program. or the Pennsylvania Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC) program. “Without these scholarship programs, school choice would not be an option for many of our scholarship recipients,” she said.

Thompson said their company decided to donate to ACC for specific reasons. First, he said, “Academic excellence and personal responsibility to oneself and to others are key behavioral skills necessary for success in work and life and are taught successfully at Calvary.

Second, “all educational voices are to be heard, and Calvary is expressed through excellence in character, education, and performance.”

Finally, “Calvary emphasizes that our future generations have a responsibility to each other and to society to be salt and light. Demonstrate Christian character, including; love, service, fidelity and mercy by building a relationship with God through the person of Jesus Christ.

Life is not just here and now. Our children need to know that they have a hope and a worthy future. “


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