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Baylor investigation reveals blurry line between politics and religion | Education


The latest investigation, the sixth in the series, addressed questions about the emotional impact of COVID-19, with Democrats voicing the most emotional trauma; belief in conspiracy theories, with Biblical literalists scoring the highest; Christian nationalism; threats to social unity, with conservative Christians considered the highest, followed by Democrats, Republicans and immigrants; prayer, with more Trump supporters praying that their candidate wins than Biden supporters; masculinity and perceptions of God; and the response to the pandemic, among others.

The first version of the survey results focuses on belief in conspiracy theories, and subsequent versions will cover other topics of the survey.

“There is so much going on here,” Froese said. “We have a team of professors and students working there. “

The survey asked participants if they thought:

The 2020 presidential election has been rigged

COVID-19 vaccine is not trustworthy

The top Democrats were involved in an elite child sex trafficking ring.

A small percentage of respondents said they believed these statements, with 23.7% saying the election was rigged, 13.1% saying a COVID-19 vaccine was not trustworthy, and 15.3% stating that Democrats run a child sex trafficking ring. But the percentage of belief among participants expressing stronger religious views was significantly higher. Of those who identify as Biblical literalists, 47.2% think the election was rigged, 19.5% do not trust a COVID-19 vaccine, and 34.5% think Democrats are in the lead of a child sex trafficking ring.


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