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Board approves $ 281 million budget for 2022


EVANSVILLE, Ind. – The Evansville Vanderburgh County School Corporation’s 2022 budget was approved by the school’s board of trustees on Monday evening.

It budgets $ 281,581,805 in proposed expenses and $ 248,003,340 in anticipated income.

Council voted 7-0 to approve the budget as well as the 2022-24 capital projects plan and the 2022-2026 bus replacement plan.

The EVSC expects about 4% more in state funding to the Education Fund portion of its budget, from which teachers’ salaries and other education-related expenses come. education.

The exact amount will not be known for several weeks when the school corporation’s enrollment count for the 2021-2022 school year will be official. State funding for education is distributed according to student enrollment.

Following:The EVSC school board will vote on a budget of $ 281 million on Monday; this is how it breaks down

The Evansville Teachers Association and EVSC are expected to begin collective negotiations for the next two-year contract on Wednesday. The current contract started in 2019 and expired on June 30 but remains in effect until a new contract is entered into.

This spring, an additional $ 1.9 billion in education spending was approved by the Indiana General Assembly. Teachers at EVSC said they hoped it would be used to raise average teacher salaries closer to the statewide average of $ 60,000 for the profession.

The starting salary for a teacher at EVSC is $ 38,000 and the average salary is just over $ 50,000 per year.

Negotiations with Teamsters Local 215 on a new contract for school support staff are already underway, said Jason Woebkenberg, spokesperson for the EVSC.

While on paper that includes more in proposed spending than income, the two will align more closely when implemented, Woebkenberg said.

This is because for proper funding, the state requires schools to budget the full amount of planned spending such as capital improvements and bus replacement, even when they are not expected to be fully funded.

As a result, while the budget includes $ 29.7 million for school building improvements from EVSC’s three-year capital projects plan, funding of only about $ 18.5 million is provided for these. .

Likewise, while $ 16 million is budgeted for bus replacement, $ 2.3 million is what should actually be available for it.

The 2022 budget expenditures are divided into two main funds, the Education Fund with $ 148,062,521 and the Operating Fund with $ 33,113,474.

The Education Fund includes expenses for items such as teachers’ salaries, school supplies and some school equipment.

The operating fund items include $ 16.2 million for bus transportation and $ 16 million for bus replacement.

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