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Brush High School Drama Club Hosts Fourth Annual Improv Party – The Fort Morgan Times

  • Improv performers from left to right: Maddie Bennett, Trey Ford, Dale Wood, Samantha Ledesma, Diana Covington, Christian Francisco-Pablo, Jaycob Prentice, Osmar Cardenas, Tony Titman, Lupita Tejeda. (Katie Roth / The Fort Morgan Times)

  • Director Rebecca Costanzo served as moderator for the evening. (Katie Roth / The Fort Morgan Times)

  • Team Dianastan laughs during the other team’s improv scene. (Katie Roth / The Fort Morgan Times)

  • The Lupeetland team was named the winner of the improvisational Olympics. (Katie Roth / The Fort Morgan Times)

  • Trey Ford (left) and Diana Covington (right) work out random phrases in their scene while playing an improv game called “Who owns the line?” (Katie Roth / The Fort Morgan Times)

  • Dale Wood turns a mop into a limbo stick during an improvisation game. (Katie Roth / The Fort Morgan Times)

  • Shyanne Garrett (left) and Jynnaya Gleason (right) perform a one-act comedy called “Ten minutes, ten minutes, ten minutes, ten minutes”. (Katie Roth / The Fort Morgan Times)

  • Tony Titman (left) and Lupita Tejeda (right) play a game of improvisation. (Katie Roth / The Fort Morgan Times)

  • Osmar Cardenas (right) and Jaycob Prentice (left) play a game of improvisation. (Katie Roth / The Fort Morgan Times)

  • Maddie Bennett (left) and Samantha Ledesma (right) play the improv game “Freeze,” where other team members can pause the game at any time to replace one of the actors. (Katie Roth / The Fort Morgan Times)

  • In the one-act comedy “Abbott and Costello,” Trey Ford (right) grabs Tony Titman’s face as their characters Riley and Sam try to rehearse before a competition. (Katie Roth / The Fort Morgan Times)

  • Dale Wood (left) and Maddie Bennett (right) perform one of “Scenes from a Hat” as mother and son at Brush’s skate park. (Katie Roth / The Fort Morgan Times)

  • Christian Francisco-Pablo, Tony Titman and Jaycob Prentice (left to right) play a fake scene from a movie. (Katie Roth / The Fort Morgan Times)

  • Osmar Cardenas (left) and Briana Ansbach (right) play siblings Julian and Tara in a one-act comedy titled “Mutual Assured Destruction”. (Katie Roth / The Fort Morgan Times)

The Brush High School Drama Club presented their fourth annual improvisation show at 7 p.m. on Thursday, September 30 at the Brush High Campus auditorium.

The “Improv Olympics” featured two teams, each named in honor of its captain. The Lupeetland team consisted of team captain Lupita Tejeda, Osmar Cardenas, Christian Francisco-Pablo, Jaycob Prentice and Tony Titman. The Dianastan team consisted of team captain Diana Covington, Maddie Bennett, Trey Ford, Samantha Ledesma and Dale Wood.

The teams alternated with participation in a variety of improvisation games for the audience. Between games, the actors presented special arrangements of one-act comedies.

The first comedy, “Ten Minutes, Ten Minutes, Ten Minutes, Ten Minutes” by Lindsay Price, was performed by Shyanne Garrett and Jynnaya Gleason. The play was based on the age-old myth that if a teacher does not show up within the first 10 minutes of class, students are allowed to leave without penalty.

The second comedy was “Abbott and Costello” by Jonathan Mayer. Tony Titman and Trey Ford played the characters of Sam and Riley, two boys who were trying to rehearse for a one-act play contest, one of whom didn’t memorize his lines.

The last comedy of the evening was “Mutually Assured Destruction” by Don Zolidis. Osmar Cardenas played the character of Julian and Briana Ansbach played Julian’s sister, Tara. The two siblings fought which ultimately turned into a “war” on social media, each posting each other’s secrets.

The one-act performances were not judged, but the winning improv team, Team Lupeetland, was chosen based on the level of applause from the audience.

With the help of the four members of the stage crew – Khrysell Barboza, Ava Castillo-Jones, Alix Reicks and Noelle Ray – director Gracie Nestor, light operator Alleigh Dawkins and sound operator Dakota White made sure everything went smoothly during production.

Stephany Serrano Trevizo helped with the publicity and Justin Clark helped at the box office. Principal Rebecca Costanzo and Deputy Principal Julie Snoeck extended special thanks to the administration and staff of BHS, Brush RE-2J School District Education Council, Bobby Murphy and Tarrin Flaherty.

BHS ‘next dramatic performance, “12 Angry Jurors”, will be held November 19-20 in the BSC Auditorium. Follow us on Facebook for more information.

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