Cash loan ranking – December 2017


Out Banks – the best cash loan in December

Out Banks - the best cash loan in December


Out Banks became the winner of the December cash loan ranking. The financial institution enjoys considerable recognition among clients. A big plus of the offer is the low interest rate (9.51%) and no formalities. The entire loan application procedure is carried out electronically. The maximum amount of the liability is PLN 50,000. The repayment period is 72 months.

Mobile and GTO BP do not require income certificates

Mobile and GTO BP do not require income certificates


The second place was taken by Mobile Sumagi Bank. The borrower can count on a PLN 200,000 cash loan. The time to return the commitment was set at 120 months. The offer of the so-called “Pocket payments”. The consumer pays PLN 15.99 for each PLN 1000 borrowed. Furthermore, the lender does not require income certificates. Credit application is done online. In the aspect of banking products, Mobile works closely with Alois Bank.

GTO BP and its Mini Loans have been conquering the cash loan market for a long time. Within the offered product, the largest Polish bank offers from 1000 to 120,000 PLN. It is worth noting that up to PLN 24,000, the bank does not require presentation of income certificates. The loan period is 96 months. GTO Bank Polski allows you to take advantage of credit holidays – the customer does not pay the commitment for 3 months. A big plus is also the opportunity to choose a specific day of the month to pay the loan installment.

Further places in the ranking

Further places in the ranking


The fourth place in our monthly cash loan ranking belongs to Salader Consumer Bank. Advantage of the offer – the customer defines the installment amount himself. The maximum amount of the liability is PLN 50,000 (for regular customers) and PLN 35,000 (for new ones). The consumer can buy life insurance for the loan.
The fifth position belongs to Getin Bank. Interestingly, young people aged 18 and over may benefit from the offer. The maximum amount of the liability is relatively high – up to PLN 200,000. Estepat Bank took the sixth position. The amount of the cash loan ranges from PLN 1,000 to PLN 160,000. Loan period – from 3 to 96 months.

Considerable increase in consumption in December

Considerable increase in consumption in December


The end of the year is a period of increased consumption and expenditure. According to forecasts, the average Polish family will spend PLN 882 on holidays in 2017. The most popular gifts will be: cosmetics, perfumes and books. Interestingly, in 2015 Poles spent PLN 18.6 billion on the occasion of Christmas.
The low gross wages of parts of society induce some consumers to use financial products. Paradoxically, a holiday loan will not ruin your January budget. Customers who opt for an alternative cash loan – a loan from a non-bank institution – can count on a free first payday loan. The product is constructed so that it gives away exactly as much as borrowed.
Non-bank institutions do not have high requirements as to creditworthiness like banks. Retrodatabase scoring and credit history are of little importance. The most important thing for loan companies is the possibility of repayment. The best way to find the optimal offer are payday rankings and installment loan rankings.

“In the Christmas and New Year period there is a significant increase in consumption. As a result, some people decide to take out loans or cash loans. When entering into a commitment, it’s important to determine your repayment options. Failure to settle a loan or loan in the worst case threatens with bailiff’s intervention, 

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