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Cedarville Physician Assistant Program Gains Provisional Accreditation

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The ARC-PA grants interim accreditation status to qualified programs that meet its professional standards for teaching PA but have not yet enrolled students, according to the university. Status does not ensure any subsequent accreditation status and is limited to a maximum of five years from the admission of the first class.

This status is granted when plans and resources, if fully implemented, appear to demonstrate the program’s ability to meet ARC-PA standards or appear to demonstrate continued progress in meeting the standards while he is preparing for the graduation of the first class of students.

The university’s full-time, 24-month Master of Medical Sciences in PA studies will be divided into two phases: a didactic year and a clinical year. Courses in the didactic year will build on previous undergraduate training and prepare students for their clinical year, which aims to give them relevant professional experiences.

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The program will provide learning and hands-on opportunities to gain the knowledge, skills, and work experience necessary to care for patients as PAs, and enable students to enter health care practice more quickly.

The program will be hosted on the second flood of the Callan Athletic Center, which will provide classroom and lab facilities as well as collaboration and meeting spaces. Graduates will be able to treat the whole patient, physically and spiritually.

“Coming to PA teaching with a biblical model will be of benefit to our students as they engage holistically with patients,” said Jason Grahame, program director and associate professor of PA studies. PA. “A proper biblical understanding of the body and truth informs how we approach health care.”

The PA program is now accepting applications through the Centralized Application System for PA Programs (CASPA) at for its May 2023 cohort.