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Charlottesville Reopening Fund Raises $ 165,000 from 201 Donors | Education


A team in each school determined how to spend the money. Expenses generally fell into three categories: teaching and learning materials for virtual learning, family support for basic needs and costs associated with returning to classes in person, according to the report.

Expenses covered included headphones, home learning resources, outdoor classroom supplies, transportation assistance, virtual learning center fees, and direct financial assistance to families.

Kara West, a relative who has contributed to the fund, said the organizers had not set a specific fundraising goal.

“I felt like it went beyond what in my mind I thought we were going to accomplish,” West said. “Overall everyone was very encouraged and happy with the response.”

West said the fund also provided an opportunity for PTOS from different schools to work together and talk.

“We had this common goal of raising money, but the conversation definitely shifted to other areas regarding public schools in general, and just comparing grades from school to school,” West said. . “… This regular contact was really great, and we really want to keep it going in the future. Whether we remain just a fundraising vehicle or not, we absolutely want to keep this common contact with the PTO. Even if it remains just an idea and a sharing of knowledge [vehicle], it was so precious.


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