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Christian Mother: Feminism Is “Satanic” Because Feminists Are Not Like Me | Beth Stoneburner | Sympathetic atheist


Christian blogger and professional mommy-shamer Lori Alexander (aka “The Transformed Wife”) came to prominence by destroying feminism. But the more you read her thoughts on it, the clearer it becomes that she doesn’t have a clear definition of “feminism.” She just uses it as a catch-all term to describe the liberal views she is talking about.

Everything is straw Men women. It is also a toxic theology.

So when a woman recently contacted her to ask if there was a scriptural safeguard for her claim that feminism is “satanic,” Alexander offered verses chosen to describe what a woman should to be like – sober, loving her husband, loving children, low-key, chaste, housewives, obedient, pious – then claimed anything that was not very conservative interpretations of these words.

Have you ever heard of feminists teaching women to stay sober? Sober doesn’t just refer to not drinking a lot of alcohol, but also being sober. “Neither mad nor mad; not wild, visionary or passionate about passion; to have the regular exercise of a cold and impartial reason. ” Feminists are NOT sober in mind. They are fueled by their emotions, feelings and passions. You can clearly see this in my comments section on Facebook. The ways of God repel them, since His ways are the opposite of what they have been taught all their lives.

Her comments section is passionate because she is regularly brash, dismissive, and refuses to seriously engage with other points of view. It’s understandable to be upset if your opinions are deliberately distorted, as Alexander often does. Too, everyone is fueled by his emotions and feelings.

Have you ever heard feminists teach women to love their husbands? No. They teach women if they are not “happy” in the marriage, then leave and divorce. They will use the word “abuse” liberally for any woman who doesn’t like the way their husbands treat them., even if there is no abuse. They make all women victims in marriage. If you don’t want to give her sex, then don’t. If someone teaches women not to sexually deprive their husbands, they shout, “Marital rape!” They teach women that their life is NOT going to revolve around the life of their husbands, because they fought for the independence of men.

Nowhere in the Feminist Playbook â„¢ does it say that married women should not love husbands.

Her statement is even more frightening when you realize that she rejects all kinds of alleged abuse in relationships; in her mind, if a husband wants sex, a wife is obligated to offer her body to him, no matter what she’s dealing with. She regularly encourages women to tolerate abuse because whatever is better than getting a divorce. It goes without saying that there are many happily married feminists out there, but Alexander isn’t about to look for them.

Have you ever heard feminists teach women to love their children? NO! They want women to have “freedom” and careers, and place their children in government paid day care centers and schools to be indoctrinated into Marxism and feminism.

Sending your children to daycare or public school does not mean hate. And maybe readers can tell me about one of those schools that indoctrinate toddlers with Marxism.

Feminism and parenthood have never been mutually exclusive. Loving your children and having a career are not mutually exclusive either. In his mind, women who are anything But homeschoolers are failures.

Are feminists teaching women to be discreet? Discreet means “careful; wise to avoid mistakes or evil, and to choose the best means of accomplishing a goal; circumspect; cautious, suspicious; no waste. “No! They teach them how to go to college, to rack up a ton of debt that will keep them in slavery for years to come., then go to work for a boss for many years to pay off the debt.

So… she’s for college tuition-free then? Shocking.

While there are many legitimate critiques of higher education, saying it’s still a bad idea because it costs money isn’t one of them. Not everyone who goes to college acquires debt. And some careers require college degrees – which brings us to Alexander’s next (and perhaps biggest) problem with feminism:

They certainly don’t teach women to be babysitters in the home.… They have such a revulsion towards this teaching that it is difficult for women like me to teach it. I was actually forbidden to teach it in a church, as it would offend career women. Imagine caring more about offended women than asking them to learn God’s will for them.

As we have said many times before, in response to Alexander’s claims, many families simply cannot afford to live on one income (even without student loans to repay). The world in which Alexander was (and could be) a stay-at-home mom simply no longer exists, for many women, and probably never will be again. Also, contrary to her beliefs, there are valid reasons to believe that the woman of Proverbs 31 had a career.

Unlike Christianity, there are no doctrines or beliefs in feminism beyond the belief that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men. It’s a big tent and there are disagreements inside, but Alexander, as usual, ignores nuances and assumes the worst for all women who are not exactly like him.

If she doesn’t like it when categorized into the larger toxic Christian category, she should stop doing the same with anyone who identifies as feminist.


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