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CI: ‘Ofsted should check that schools are complying with current law, not the Stonewall Act’

Stonewall dogma has unduly influenced Ofsted inspections, the Christian Institute has warned.

Refusing to promote radical transgender ideology in education should never be seen as a problem by the school regulator, said the Institute’s head of education, John Denning.

Mr Denning’s remarks follow revelations that Ofsted cited a lack of education on ‘gender diversity’, ‘gender reassignment’ and ‘gender identity’ among the reasons why schools are poorly rated.

“Political Impartiality”

Mr Denning said: “Ofsted has a long history with Stonewall, causing major problems for some faith-based schools and pushing a biased approach across all schools.

“Curriculum content is exempt from the Equality Act, but academies and fee-paying schools in England are required by separate legislation to promote principles which encourage respect for others, with particular attention to the nine characteristics protected under the Equality Act.

“Promoting respect for people is not the same as promoting Stonewall’s view of the two protected characteristics of sexual orientation and gender reassignment, the only ones that Ofsted typically comments on. Doing so violates the duties of political impartiality and respect for the beliefs of parents and children.

“The legal guidelines on relationships and sex education also tell schools that they must ‘teach LGBT’, but that it is up to them to judge when to do so. There is no requirement, it is covered in primary schools. It’s time Ofsted started focusing on inspecting schools for compliance with English law, not Stonewall Law.


Over the weekend, the Daily Telegraph shed light on the plight of two faith-based primary schools – one Jewish, one Roman Catholic – which were given “needs improvement” ratings by Ofsted.

In inspection reports, both schools were told by the regulator that they needed to improve their teaching on ‘gender identity’ or ‘gender diversity’.

A school for 3-16 year olds, deemed ‘inadequate’, was also reported as lacking teaching on ‘gender change’, and a secondary school was advised to teach more on ‘gender identities’ if she wanted to improve her grade.

“Muscular Liberalism”

Ofsted has previously spoken out in favor of schools embracing ‘muscle liberalism’ and endorsed the use of pro-trans material.

He quit Stonewall’s controversial pro-trans ‘Champions of Diversity’ program last year after the inspection reports in question came out.

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