School Funding

City of Emporia asks the Commonwealth for funding for the construction of a new school | News

The City of Emporia is asking the upcoming Virginia General Assembly to pass a budget amendment to provide additional funding for school construction.

Last week, the Emporia City Council approved sending a letter of recommendation requesting support from the Commonwealth of Virginia and state delegation, including local officials Senator Louise Lucas-D and Del, – elected Otto Wachsman-R.

The second paragraph of the letter reads as follows;

“The General Assembly should fully fund public education – fund all mandated education programs and services on the basis of realistic costs; increase the quality standards of funding from general fund revenues, earmarked for primary and secondary education; provide flexibility in the use of these funds to meet unique local needs; and support specialized training, professional development, and extended contracts for staff at contested and unaccredited schools.

The city is also asking the General Assembly to fully fund state-mandated Bill 599 for law enforcement. City leaders are seeking funding to keep Emporia competitive with other localities in recruitment, retention and wage compression.

Johnson discussed economic development for the town of Emporia and other members of Mid Atlantic Manufacturing. Greensville and Mecklenburg counties are MAMac partners of Emporia.

In other actions; Marcus Carey and Gloria Robinson were reappointed to the Equalization Board. The city’s governing body has approved the appointment of David Webb to the council. Selections must first go through Greensville County Circuit Court for review.

Kristin Vaughan has been reappointed for another three-year term on the Crater Health District Advisory Board. Drexel Pierce, Tia Powell, Jean Cobb and Carolyn Grizzard have been reappointed for a four-year term as members of the Farmers Market Advisory Board.