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CNN’s Dana Bash digs up McCorriff for Trump obsession in interview

CNN’s Dana Bash took several snaps, telling Virginia Democratic candidate Terry McCorriff that he was happy to be able to “keep drinking” every time he said Trump’s name to former President Donald Trump. I did.

In their discussion of education, McCorriff argued that his opponent, Republican Glenn Youngkin, had an agenda very similar to Trump’s. Former governor of Virginia McCorriff has also repeatedly accused Yongkin of wanting to be a “trump contender.”

“It is Donald Trump Betsy DeVos’ plan to transfer funds from public to private,” he said in a “State of the Union address” on Sunday. “I never forgive him as a governor.”

“The problem is he’s trying to trade Trump’s backdoor,” McCorriff continued. “He’s talking about this critical breed theory, and I told you honestly, it’s a dog whistle. We did not teach critical breed theory in Virginia. He’s Trump / Betsy Devos on education. I hate to see people break up. I am a unit. Before starting over at COVID, we came out of the worst financial turmoil. And I do it in a bipartisan way. “

Before moving on to the next question, Bash thanked guests for all his Trump stories for making at least two drinks each time he mentioned Trump during the interview. Said.

“You mentioned Donald Trump,” she said. “I have two drinks here so I’m glad I can keep drinking even though I say Donald Trump’s name.”

CNN Anchor can’t hide the excitement as Trump leaves the White House: “He just looks like a little guy.”

Christian Martinez, Yonkin’s director of rapid response, tweeted Sunday’s “State of the Union” clip to reiterate the campaign’s debate that McCorriff was obsessed with talking about the former president.

McCorriff says he doesn’t think parents should teach school what to teach

Other observers accused Bash of being too strict with McCorriff in an interview. She pressured his controversial comments when he said in a recent discussion with Yongkin, “I don’t think parents should teach what to teach in school. McCorriff has been torn to lecture parents who have expressed concern to the school board about promoting a progressive curriculum such as Critical Race Theory.

McCorriff defends his education plan, investing $ 2 billion in Bash to increase salaries for teachers, endangered, 3 and 4 year olds, pre-kindergarten, and anyone with broadband access, I have you said to do it.

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Bash also wondered why former Virginia governor McCorriff had a “slim lead” against Yonkin when Biden fled to the state in the presidential election. ..

“This year is a lean year,” McCorriff said. “This year is not the year of the president. The results will drop from 70% to somewhere in the 1940s, but do you understand that you are going to win this race.

CNN’s Dana Bash digs up McCorriff for Trump obsession in interview

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