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COLUMN: Appeal to state education department, politicians | Opinion

On January 28, I attended a Mississippi Department of Education hearing. It was planned by them, and it was their proposed changes to the state social studies curriculum for grades K-12. What the future of our state and our country would be taught about our nation, its beginnings and its history – what America is, for our children and our grandchildren. The young people we love. Those that our Founders and settlers and our ancestors, our great-grandparents and our grandparents, our moms and dads built and passed on to us, to pass on to them.

Anyone reading this, read what they were offering? I did. It was not good in my opinion. You can still find it online. Just use the old “Googlemeister”.

Turns out those wise people we gave custody of our children to pretty much decided that the United States was not what I thought. Did you know we are a democracy? Yeah. This whole thing about us being a representative republic is rubbish.

Did you know that there is no Constitution and that all there is of it is a “living document” and not the law of the land from which all other laws flow? However, they still include a Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. How, I don’t know, without the rest of that pesky old rag, but these remain.

There are about a million additional failures. Let’s just say that “citizenship”, as I and perhaps you learned it, is non-existent. Other things they downplayed are our entire struggle to overcome slavery, inequality, and our evolution and hard work as a people and a nation striving toward a “perfect union.” Apparently “understanding cultural diversity” and “equity” and separating our children by any ethnic group or color takes over and negates our common goals as Americans, at least that’s my opinion on the rewrite.

I told myself that it was important to go there, to understand what we were going to put in the noggins of our future, and why. So did six of my friends and fellow patriots from the Free State Citizens Action Union.

It was supposed to start at 9 a.m. It’s an early day when it’s a two-hour drive to an auditorium in Jackson where he was to be held. But the important things are worth your time, right? And our future matters, right? So, cups of gas station coffee in our hands and in the cup holders, we were off. We pulled into a quickly filling parking lot with about 17 minutes to spare. It seems we weren’t the only ones worrying about the future.

Inside we found our seats with what I estimated to be 300-400 other people. Whatever the actual number was, it wasn’t a bad number, but like everything that really matters, it was a lot less than I thought. This was, however, a public hearing organized by a government agency and scheduled – of course – at a time convenient to them and not to the people. On a Friday morning, just at the start of most people’s work day, when parents are trying to keep food on the table and a roof over their children’s heads.

No surprise, however. The MDE organized this hearing because it had to, not because it wanted to. Not being a journalist, I don’t have the inside details, but from what I understand the board basically tried to ram this program change down people’s throats. But because they have – at least – an “administrative” responsibility to the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office, Michael Watson pushed it to the people.

Too many people saw their proposals and asked for a say, and the board was forced to write a Notice of Hearing. Good for you, Michael! Because your ‘hard-working civil servants’ up there on the MDE had dropped all the crap of changes in the secretary’s office just in time for the Christmas season. Kind of like how the White House pulls things off at the start of long weekends. No one is watching, and by the time the public catches wind of anything, well…it’s a done deal.

Despite the short time all of this gave us to review the proposal and study it, and ask to go to the board, who, in typical bureaucratic fashion, issued very specific directives that “We, the people” expresses our concerns, and a limited time to express them; and, worse, no question-and-answer period or discussion allowed!

Still, 66 people made the cut to approach the lectern, and by my count, 45 did. None of our group made it to the list. Unfortunately for me, because as you know, I have things to say. So we listened. Not all the speakers were like me and Free State and the majority. Both sides had people on the mic. It didn’t matter anyway: this advice was not there to listen to! No. They sent staff. People haven’t even had a chance to be heard by appointed board members or the Superintendent of Schools (who, as you may not know, is the highest paid government official in the Mississippi, earning about three times what the governor earns.!).

Now, neighbors, in Buck’s book, that’s what reads like arrogance. And who gave us these elitists? Guess. Everyone is nominated by a so-called “conservative” Republican. The Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Speaker of the House entrust them with their positions and they in turn hire the Superintendent. Too bad for taking our values ​​into account, huh? They operate without supervision and are, in essence, irresponsible. There is, as far as I know, no control over their operation.

Well, we came, we saw, we listened, and then we went home. When we got back, we “Freestaters” wrote an e-mail to Governor Reeves and MDE. Here it is, first on the board:

“Subject: MDE K-12 Social Studies Curriculum Audience Feedback

Below is our group’s email to Governor Reeves, copied to the Lieutenant Governor, Speaker of the House, and various State Representatives and Senators, organizations, and news media regarding the hearing. on the social studies program of 01/28/2022. We would like to convey our categorical objections, not only with the content and rationale for the proposed changes, but for the disdain that your board of directors so blatantly has for the nation, the state of Mississippi, and our shared histories.

We want each of the board members and the superintendent to be clear, you may think you are in control of the future of America and our state, and you may think you are beyond the reach of the residents of Mississippi; but people have their eyes on you and their ears open. The elitist and dismissive action shown by your absence from your own hearing only cements the resolve of the right people to counter what is assuredly an anti-American, anti-Christian, and Marxist rewrite of the founding of this Republic and its accomplishments. remarkable.

You should all be ashamed. Since you believe that “wokeism” is so necessary, perhaps you could wake up and realize that this nation has provided each of you with the opportunities that have placed you in your positions, so that you can repay it, by what ? Destroy it?

“In my opinion, we are long past the day when allowing those we elect to blindly head towards a modified America can be accepted. This wonderful country and all its hope depends on what we all do today. There is an “American” culture and a way of life. We have to save him. We cannot be silent.

Robin “Buck” Torske of Jones County is a retired Navy chief petty officer and conservative activist, currently being pursued by the Thought Police.