Concern: As China sees 10 million people with autism, there is a lack of medical specialists

In 2015, the incidence of autism in China was increasing, with more than 10 million people suffering from autism, including more than 2 million children, according to Zhang Yanhua, deputy secretary general of the China Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation.

Although the number of autism groups is huge, unfortunately there is a lack of attention to autism in China. Many people have a misunderstanding of autism, thinking that “maybe the child will be better when he or she grows up”; “Maybe the grandparents have been raising the child for a long time and we spent too little time with him or her resulting in autism, and as long as we spend more time with him or her everything will be fine .

What is more important to note is the difficulty of rehabilitating autistic patients and the lack of professionals in autism diagnosis and rehabilitation intervention. There is no specialization in autism rehabilitation intervention in the national education system, and most practitioners receive training only after joining the profession. In addition, there are many difficulties in enrolling children with autism in school and integrated education, and there is a lack of rehabilitation training and teachers, as well as many gaps in the field of rehabilitation. autism rehabilitation.

Autism, also known as autistic disorder, is a disorder representative of the pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) category, which occurs in early childhood. The basic clinical features of autism are the social interaction disorder triad, impaired speech development, a narrow range of interests, and stereotypical and homogeneous behavior, occurring primarily before the age of 3 years.

– Translated by Wylie Sun

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Concern: As China sees 10 million people with autism, there is a lack of medical specialists

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