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CORE and CAST Center present a panel on the afterlife


Core and CAST Center present interfaith panel on the afterlife

At November 2, the university core and the Center for Catholic Studies are pleased to co-sponsor an exciting event – an interfaith panel on the afterlife. This is the second interfaith event organized by Core and CAST Center, and we hope to have more in the future.

The panel will be composed of eminent professors from different departments, presenting the afterlife as understood by four religious traditions: the Hindu, Jewish, Christian and Muslim faith, the four religions represented verbatim in the university core.

We are honored that the introduction of our panelists will be given by Mgr. Robert Sheeran, President Emeritus of Seton Hall.

The panelists are:

  • Dr. Amar Dev Amar, Stillman School of Business (on Hindu faith)
  • Dr. Angela Weisl, Department of English, College of Arts and Sciences (on the Jewish faith)
  • Dr Eric Johnston, Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology (on Christian faith)
  • Dr. Axel Takacs, Department of Religion, College of Arts and Sciences (on the Muslim faith).

There will be time for questions and answers after the presentations.

The panelists are excited about this event. Dr Amar says, regarding the Hindu perspective on the afterlife: “The purpose of the atma (soul) visit (s) to Bhu Loka (physical world) is its eventual consummation with paramatma (God). – to achieve the freedom of the cycle of birth and death (samsara) – moksha. “He goes on to say:” Hindus do not regard death as a calamity, especially a death which is opportune by the doctrine of the ashrams, after having achieves the purpose of the soul’s visit to Bhu Loka (physical world), and in particular death which results in moksha. ” Dr Amar played a crucial role in the vision and planning of these interfaith events.

Dr Takacs, who speaks of the Islamic faith, although he is not a Muslim but an expert on Islam, says: “I am delighted to participate in this interfaith panel on the afterlife… I am a comparative theologian who learns from Islamic traditions and from my conversations and friendships with Muslims throughout my academic career. ”He gave a presentation on Islam at the main faculty, and the faculty was thrilled with his presentation.

Regarding the Jewish perspective on the afterlife, Dr. Weisl says, “Judaism is notoriously ambiguous about what happens when we die. She consulted her rabbi and borrowed a book on the subject to improve her presentation.

Finally, Dr. Eric Johnston of the ICSST, who speaks about the Christian faith, says: “Christianity asks the question, what would an eternity of love mean? In fact, he goes on to say that Christianity’s view of the afterlife, “poses a dramatic choice, to love or not to love?” Recently, Core, CAST, and others have hosted several events about Dante and his Divine Comedy, and the questions Dr.Johnston raises could be seen as central to Dante’s poem as a whole.

It is entirely appropriate that Mgr. Robert Sheeran, President Emeritus of Seton Hall, graciously agreed to introduce our panel. As one of our panelists said, “We would not have a nucleus without Bishop Sheeran”. He has also been very interested in interfaith discussions for many years, even going as far as India and learning more about the Hindu faith, for example. His presence is a special gift for us.

Please join us for a discussion that will prove to be both interesting and stimulating.

Date and time: Tuesday November 2, 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Site: Stafford 110 or on TEAMS
Please click here to join Teams!

Sponsored by The University Core and the Center for Catholic Studies


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