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Debra Chigbu’s new “Jesus the Good Shepherd” is an essential book for children to praise Jesus as the Good Shepherd through music


“Jesus the Good Shepherd”: a fascinating musical piece that presents Jesus as the Good Shepherd as written in the Bible. Accompanied by this easy-to-learn song, heartwarming and engaging illustrations are perfect for children who are still developing their sensory skills. “Jesus the Good Shepherd” is the creation of published author Debra Chigbu, mother of two wonderful daughters and respected educator known for her special talent for singing her program in many creative ways.

Debra Chigbu shares: “This book, Jesus the Good Shepherd, is a collection of songs. This is Jesus our Shepherd based on Psalm 23. A shepherd is a person who keeps a flock of sheep. He guides the sheep. He makes sure they have plenty to eat and drink. He protects them from harm and watches over them at all times. If you believe in Jesus, then he is your personal Shepherd who cares for you and me with patient benevolence every day. As the children sing the words of this beautiful psalm, Jesus will come to them and fulfill his heartwarming promises found in the word of God. Jesus is the living word of God; and he continues to nourish us, strengthen us, satisfy us, and protect us as a shepherd does for his flock. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever; so watch the Word of God grow and bear fruit in the lives of your children as they plant these words of God in the garden of their hearts. There is no life without first planting seeds. The seed is what contains the miraculous life of God that starts the process. Whether it is plants, animals or people, everything reproduces by first planting a seed. And the Word of God is the seed and when planted in the garden of children’s hearts as they sing this joyous songbook, it will activate the life of God in it. Each seed will begin to grow and will automatically be realized in those who plant and speak the Word of God.

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Debra Chigbu’s new book is an entertaining book that can also be used as a tool for children with special needs and children whose first language is not English. The author believes that music is a language that anyone can understand, which is why she has used her God-given talent to lead the younger generations to the knowledge of Jesus.

See a synopsis of “Jesus the Good Shepherd” on YouTube.

Consumers can buy “Jesus the Good Shepherd” at traditional brick and mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

For more information or inquiries about “Jesus the Good Shepherd”, contact the Christian Faith Publishing Media Department at 866-554-0919.

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