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Eagle Prep Charter Schools in St. Louis Under Watch for Religious Influence | Education


Open Sky developed charter schools a decade ago to provide “three pillars” of education for families, according to its website.

“Eagle Schools offer the excellent academic and character-building pillars. Parents can also choose the third pillar – faith building – through the enveloping care provided by Compass educational programs.”

Open Sky still manages the pre-and post-care programming for Eagle, which is Christianity-based and hosted in adjacent churches. The arrangement is considered legal until students are encouraged or mandated to participate, according to the First Amendment Center in Nashville.

Eagle Schools also use the “civic” version of the Open Sky character training project which “prepares people to lead fulfilling and virtuous lives in service of a greater purpose.” The program has a religious version used in schools, including the Christ Community Lutheran School in Kirkwood.

Mizzou’s charters office is reviewing Eagle’s curriculum for Christian influence, Kettenbach said.

“I love my secular schools and my religious churches, so I wanted to make sure there was no violation,” he said in the July hearing.

The distinction may soon turn out to be irrelevant, legal experts have said. On Wednesday, the United States Supreme Court heard a new test of church-state separation in a Maine case concerning state payment of tuition to private non-religious schools. A majority of judges have signaled that the payments could violate anti-discrimination laws.