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Educational files: Sneezer first doctoral student in energy sovereignty



Sherralyn Sneezes

Sherralyn Sneezer, Diné, was selected from a pool of highly competitive applicants as the first PhD student. studying on energy sovereignty research topics, through the Energy Sovereignty Institute and its partnership with the Golisano Institute for Sustainability of the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Sneezer’s research will be supervised by Nathan Williams, Assistant Professor at the Golisano Institute, in collaboration with ESI.

She graduated with a BA with a major in Environmental Studies from Dartmouth College, where she completed a thesis on “Solar Energy Development in the Navajo Nation”, and also studied Renewable Energy and Sustainability at the School. of Science and Engineering from the University of Reykjavik.

She is currently completing her Masters in Energy at Texas A&M University, where she is studying Energy Systems Engineering.

Her experience includes internships with the Indian Solar Power Program at Sandia National Laboratories, where she researched and assessed the potential for large-scale solar power development in the Navajo Nation.

She also worked in the Navajo Nation’s EPA Air Quality Monitoring Program as an intern at the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals; and Honor the Earth as a Solar ITEP intern.

She also attended a 2019 workshop hosted by ESI with interns from the Indian Energy Program at Sandia National Laboratories.

She said, “Pursuing the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies on the Navajo Nation and the Tribal Nations is my goal both personally and professionally. Renewable energy in the Navajo Nation will solve many critical quality of life issues, particularly the lack of energy infrastructure, economic development, environmental degradation and, in particular, energy sovereignty.

Academy Class 2021

SUN VALLEY, Arizona.

Marguerite Pierce

Jolicia Ethelbah

Daily Tristin

Noah o’riley

Andrea Villalba

The Native American Christian Academy hosted the 2021 graduation ceremony on Thursday, May 20, in the presence of the families of the graduates.

The promotion major was Daisy Pierce. Kristi O’Riley gave the opening keynote and encouraged graduates to stay focused and seek wisdom.

The NACA class of 2021 maintained academic excellence with honor roll recognition.

The graduates of NACA are: Tristin Daily, Winslow; Jolicia Ethelbah, Sanders; Noah O’Riley, Sun Valley; Daisy Pierce, Joseph City; Andrea Villalba, Houck and Gallup; and Jessica Villalba, Houck.
O’Riley was accepted to Grand Canyon University and serves in the Arizona National Guard.

Pierce was accepted to Fort Lewis College and Southern Nazarene University.

Jessica Villalba was accepted to Southern Nazarene University where she received the Hope Rising Fellowship.

Tristin Dailey has been accepted to Southern Nazarene University and is participating in an internship program this summer in Bishop, California.


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