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Franklin County Homeschool Students Participate in Mock Trial | Education


Home-schooled Classical Conversations Challenge B students from Franklin County and Martinsville recently spent several hours in a mock trial at Roanoke Circuit Court. From left to right: Carter Alexander, Abigail Morris and Paul Hicks. Second row: Blaize Brubaker, Tristen Beyer and Jalen Wisler. Third row: Gabe Lawrence, Taylor Lieteau and Abby Phillips.

Franklin News-Post Special

Classical Conversations Challenge B classes from Christiansburg, Roanoke, Franklin County and Martinsville held a mock trial at Roanoke Circuit Court on May 13.

The mock trial is a one-semester project for students aged 13 to 16. They participate in repeated courtroom trials to learn about the legal system competitively. Classical Conversations, the world’s largest classical home education organization, uses mock trial competitions to teach skills in research, grammar, writing, rhetoric, public speaking, debate, and drama.

By addressing the dilemmas inevitably encountered when working in an imperfect system, we help students see that there is only one truly perfect system, a perfectly righteous judge, and a perfect deliverer of righteousness: God. the father. This awareness helps to fulfill the mission of Classic Conversations: Know God and make Him known.

This year’s mock trial was a third degree murder case involving Tatum Zillias, a construction owner, advancing construction with an elevator above the crane’s maximum engineering load in the remnants of wind and rain. of a hurricane. This lift resulted in the crash of the crane and two deaths. The question in court was whether Zillias’ efforts manifested extreme indifference to the value of human life. The prosecution had Emerson Turnkin, site supervisor and London Packard, the self-proclaimed leader of the Franklin’s Trench Squatters as witnesses, while the defense team called Tatum Zillias himself, Micah Estratton, the crane operator and Fightin ‘expert witness. Phil, and Reese Dentner, investigative reporter.


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