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Funding possibility: 2021-2022 Grant for the improvement of schools Title I Grant 1003 for the overhaul of secondary schools (HSR)


2021-2022 Grant for the improvement of schools Title I 1003 Grant for the overhaul of secondary schools (HSR)

Grant application documents

Grant request (PDF) | Grant request (Word) Word document

For the 2021-22 school year, the New York State Department of Education (NYSED or “the Department”) is offering target districts with non-Receivership CSI schools the opportunity to receive support from the Accountability Office field support services team helping to improve the school. Grant 1003 Secondary school redesign program.

Title I School Improvement Grant 1003 Secondary School Redesign Grant funds will be provided to support this program. These funds will be separate from the Title I 1003 School Improvement Grant funds that districts are currently using to advance their improvement initiatives and the Title I 1003 ENHANCED School Improvement funds that are provided to schools. districts participating in the school-wide support of the Ministry’s Improved Route 1. and / or Enhanced Path 2 bespoke support models.

Target districts with at least one non-receivership CSI school that serves 12th grade students who have identified the eligible school would participate in either the high school redesign model or the EPL / High School Redesign hybrid model on ‘Advance CSI Support. Advance 2021-22 Form “or a” Full Support and Enhancement Support Option 2021-22 – Notice of Intent “are eligible to submit an application for the 2021-22 SIG High School Redesign Grant

The Department will provide funds to support eligible activities associated with the High School Redesign Program.

Redesign of the school:

Year 1: Districts will receive up to $ 100,000 in 1,003 MIS funds for high school overhaul.

Year 2: Districts will receive up to $ 225,000 in 1,003 MIS funds for high school overhaul. Year 3: Districts will receive up to $ 225,000 in 1,003 MIS funds for high school overhaul.

Districts with a participating school The Hybrid Model of Senior Leadership Improvement (PLE) / High School Redesign may receive up to $ 100,000 in 1,003 SIG High School Redesign Fund and $ 50,000 in 1,003 Enhanced SIG Fund for each school participating in the hybrid option.

The SIG funds for the overhaul of the high school will have to support the levers of overhaul of the high school in each school of the hybrid model. Enhanced MIS funds can be used to further support high school overhaul levers or principals’ leadership improvement program principles.

Funds must be used to advance the high school overhaul in the eligible participating school by defraying participation expenses OR by supporting one or more of the following high school overhaul levers:

HSR Lever 1: Students from the HSR Center Lever 2: Post-secondary pathways HSR Lever 3: Teaching and learning HSR Lever 4: Organizing adults

Districts with first-year schools, including schools in the Enhancing Principal Leadership / High School Redesign hybrid, should not complete their spending plan until they have completed the landscape mapping steps. and empathy mapping of the high school overhaul process. More guidance will be available for schools in year 1 in fall 2021.

Districts with schools in the second or third year of the program should ensure that the submitted school spending plan aligns with the high school overhaul priorities identified in the High School Overhaul Plan (HSRP).

Please refer to Attachment B for examples of potential SIG HS overhaul expenses.

Because of the importance of these grants, the Ministry will support districts that choose to fund staff positions with these funds, provided that these staff positions directly support the established priorities of the HSRP. Any position funded under this program must meet and not supplant federal supplement guidelines and should not be used to fund core teaching positions. The Department plans to provide similar levels of funding in subsequent years. This approach will allow participating districts to establish staff positions that can be supported as long as the district has eligible schools participating in the support.

High school redesign teams will work with their district to complete an education spending plan for each eligible school under a single LEA application.

If a district plans to allocate these funds to a single purchase designed to support multiple eligible schools, then the district must allocate the expenses in each school’s individual spending plan based on the percentage of spending spent on that specific school. For example, if the district funded a staff position that would support an eligible school three days per week and another eligible school two days per week, the district would have to allocate 60% of the costs associated with that position to one school and 40% of the costs. associated with the other school. As part of the review of applications, NYSED will look for alignment between the spending plan and the FS-10 budget.

Please refer to Attachment A for an example of how to complete the application.

September 1, 2021 to August 31, 2022

For districts with first year schools, including EPL / High School Redesign Hybrid schools, applications, including corresponding school spending plans for first year schools, will be accepted between November 15, 2021 and December 31, 2021.

For districts with second and third year high school redesign schools: applications and corresponding school spending plans for second and third year schools will be accepted until August 31, 2021. Applications will be reviewed as and when measured. LEAs are encouraged to submit completed applications as soon as possible to expedite the review and approval process.

Districts with at least one school in year 2 or year 3 and at least one school in year 1 must submit their application and school spending plan only for the school or schools in year 2 or 3 by month August. 31st deadline, then submit an amendment that includes the school spending plan for the school (s) in year 1 between November 15, 2021 and December 31, 2021.

To receive SIG High School Redesign funding, eligible districts must submit a signed original and two copies of:

  1. The cover page of the application
  2. A school spending plan for each participating school
  3. District FS-10 Budget Form.

Districts are required to send the signed original and two hard copies to the address below:

NYS Department of Education – Accountability Office

Attention: 2020-21 Title I SIG 1003 – High School Redesign

89 Washington Avenue – Room 320 EB

Albany, New York 12234

Additionally, eligible districts must submit an electronic copy of each of the items listed above to Laura Tedesco at [email protected]

For more information or assistance, please contact: [email protected]

Grant application documents

Grant request (PDF) Adobe PDF | Grant request (Word) Word document


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