Grants for the improvement of teaching and student success 2021-2022 awarded

The Wally Cordes Teaching and Faculty Support Center is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2021-2022 Teaching Improvement and Student Success Grants. The Educational Improvement Grants are funded from the TFSC budget, while the Student Success Grants are administered by the TFSC and funded by Global Campus. In addition, the Faculty Affairs Office provided additional funding for this year’s grant program.

Educational improvement grant recipients

Laurie Apple, Jill Rucker, Leigh Southward and Casandra Cox – School of Environmental Humanities and Department of Agricultural Education, Communication and Technology, “Expectations of Students, Faculty and Industry on the ‘online label’, $ 2,060

Kathi Jogan – Department of Animal Sciences, “Active learning through an engaging digital environment”, $ 2,498.16

Jessica Kowalski – Department of Archaeological Studies, “Upgrading Archaeological Field Schools”, $ 2,400

Josiah Leong – Department of Psychological Sciences, “Innovative Brain Imaging Analyzes on a Shared Educational Resource,” $ 2,500

Lori Murray – Eleanor Mann School of Nursing, “Improving Online Education to Promote Professionalism,” $ 2,295

Dede Hamm, John Hickey – School of Environmental Humanities and Continuing Education Department, “Event Management Simulation Development for Introduction to Event Planning and Management,” $ 4,649

Edward Holland – Department of Geosciences, “Geology Camp Accessibility for Students with Disabilities After COVID-19,” $ 5,000

Ringo Jones – Department of Communication, “360 ° Video and Mixed Reality Storytelling”, $ 4,999.95

Natacha Souto Melgar – Department of Chemical Engineering, “Integration of Membrane Technology Teaching Materials into Chemical Engineering Program”, $ 4,800

Renee Speight and Suzanne Kucharczyk – Department of Programs and Instruction, “Video Coaching Technology to Improve Students’ Preparation as Certified Special Educators,” $ 4,975

Ryan Calabretta Sajder – Department of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures, “Digitizing Italian Studies: Virtual Reality in the Italian Program”, $ 5,000

Peggy Ward, Kate Walker and Stephen Burgin – Department of Curriculum and Education and Department of Biological Sciences, “Interdisciplinary Collaboration to Improve Student Success in Science,” $ 4,903.76

As a condition of the grants, grantees are required to share the results of their academic projects with their fellow faculty members under TFSC programs.

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