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GUEST EDITORIAL: Group: Remove “Columbus” from Catholic High School Name | Guest columnists

For many of us, our teachers have taught that Columbus discovered the “New World” (ignoring other Europeans first, and more importantly, the people who already lived there) and brought Christianity to his people. native. Columbus should be commemorated for his courage and navigation skills. However, based on the recent release of more accurate historical information, Columbus’ conduct on his four voyages to the “New World” (the Caribbean Islands) sullied Christian values.

There is credible evidence that Christopher Columbus was involved in the slavery, mutilation, sexual abuse, and murder of Native Americans. A bibliography of historical documents and reference materials supporting such claims is noted at the following website:

Although Columbus explained to the Spanish monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella that his sailing expeditions were intended to spread Christianity, his journals reflected that when he reached the “New World” Columbus focused on the search for gold. and other riches, and not on Christian conversion. When Native Americans were unable to produce this wealth, Columbus resorted to physical abuse against the Native people, including mutilation, and also enslaved Native Americans for sale upon his return to Europe.

Columbus could be considered the “father of slavery” in the Americas because he enslaved and sold Native Americans about 100 years before Africans were enslaved and sold in North America. Although the Catholic Church tolerated slavery in certain circumstances during the time of Columbus, the Church never tolerated inhuman treatment, such as sexual abuse, rape, and murder of slaves or slaves. indigenous. As indicated by historical information, the men of Columbus perpetrated such atrocities against Native Americans with the permission, approval and / or participation of Columbus. If you think this information is not correct, please do your own research. There are many supporting books and articles identified on the aforementioned website. The Catholic Church today considers all forms of slavery to be immoral and recognizes that Europeans committed crimes against Native Americans.

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