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Harrisburg Needs More Funding For Its Schools, Not Another Charter School | PennLive Letters


There are better solutions to the Harrisburg School District’s problems than opening another charter school.

Harrisburg struggles to educate its students because it is perpetually underfunded. This underfunding has been particularly severe since 2011. Annual education costs have increased by 17% since then, while state funding has increased by 14%. This percentage difference amounts to $ 5,770,718 per year.

The gaps in special education are even more dramatic. The Harrisburg School District is spending fifty-six percent more on special education than in 2011, while state revenues for the district for special education increased only fourteen percent. Harrisburg has raised property taxes four times in the past ten years and can hardly afford to do so again. Without a significant increase in state funding, Harrisburg will continue to lack the funds it needs to properly educate its children.

This is not the only change needed. Harrisburg has seen a 246% increase since 2011 in the amount of money charter schools siphon off. The funding formula for charter schools also needs to be reviewed. Keep more of that money in the district’s public schools, and it can be a game-changer for the 7,804 students, rather than just benefiting the 120 students who might attend STEAM Academy and the few hundred who attend. other charter schools.

Then the “great teachers and administrators” you hire can help students read and count and graduate.

Susan Rimby, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.


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