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Help children understand the coronavirus pandemic with child-friendly literature

My kids have asked many questions about the coronavirus since the pandemic broke out in March. My husband and I did our best to honestly answer their questions while trying not to scare them off. We admitted that we did not know the answers to some of their questions. I was relieved to learn that there are many books, workbooks, and visual aids to explain the coronavirus in a way children can understand. There are educational materials available for purchase, as well as free materials that explain the coronavirus and pandemic to children. Here is a list of the choices found online.

Coronavirus material for children available for purchase

The day my kids stayed home: Explaining Covid-19 and the Coronavirus to Your Children ”by Adam M. Wallace.

“Coronavirus: A book for children” by RL Margolin.

What is social distancing? A Guide and Activity Book for Kids ”by Lindsey Coker Luckey.

It’s for Coronavirus: The ABCs of Covid-19By Dani Mathisen.

“Why has the whole world stopped? Talking with the Kids about Covid-19 ”by Heather Black.

“Lucie’s mask” by Lisa Sirkis Thompson

“A small corner remains at home: A story about viruses and the safety distance ”by Diana Alber.

“Paula and the pandemic” by Dorothée Laurence.

Free educational material for children about the coronavirus

“Why We’re Staying Home” by Samantha Harris and Devon Scott. This book is available in free PDF at this link: This is volume 1 of the series.

“My Hero is You” by the Helen Patuck / Interagency Standing Committee. This book can be downloaded from this link:

“Coronavirus: A Children’s Book” by Elizabeth Jenner, Kate Wilson and Nia Roberts. I am delighted with this one because it is illustrated by the wonderful Axel Scheffler. We are huge fans of him in this house as he illustrated some of our favorite books such as “The Gruffalo”, “Room on the Broom”, and others. The book is available on Axel Scheffler’s website, here is the link:

“The House we Sheltered in” by Freeman Ng is available at this link and can be read online or downloaded:

“First Aid for Feelings: A Workbook to Help Children Cope with the Coronavirus Pandemic” is a free downloadable 16-page workbook. Here is the link:

“We’re going to be OK” by Dr. Ebony Jade Hilton and Dr. Leigh-Ann Webb. This book is a free PDF at this link:

“Bray-Bray conquers the coronavirus” by Ashley Maxie-Moreman and Joanah Whitely. It’s a really beautifully illustrated story and can be found at this link:

“Where did everyone go?” by Iain S. Thomas. This book was designed by a South African writer and artist to teach children why everyone is safer indoors. The book is available on this link:

It would be good to have these books, as many children start the school year with distance education. Many people seemed to embrace this literature at the start of the pandemic. It may be beneficial to reintroduce this information for children who have not heard of the pandemic through child-friendly materials such as books, exercise books and visual aids. Having these resources for children would also help to understand why schools have not reopened in a way that is easier for them to understand. This educational material will help adults explain a topic that most people fear.

Good luck to you all in using these resources.

Stephanie McCoy is a freelance writer. This column was published with permission from, partner of

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