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Holdrege’s men plan Christian school in former YMCA building | Local news

Ben Loberg, left, and Logan Reed sit on the board of trustees of Legacy Christian School in Holdrege. They plan to open the non-denominational Christian school from preschool to fourth grade in the fall of 2022.

Ashley Bebensee, Kearney Hub

By ASHLEY BEBENSEE, Hub Staff Editor

HOLDREGE – Logan Reed graduated from eighth grade with eight students in his class.

Reed attended the old R4 country school in rural Holdrege, and he hopes the new Legacy Christian School will embody a similar foundation and environment.

“It was just a great learning environment,” said Reed. “I wanted to kind of replicate and give this opportunity to other families and other children.”

Reed had the idea of ​​starting a Christian school about five years ago when the old R7 country school was on the market. However, the Don Sjogren Community YMCA purchased the building in 2016.

“For some reason, it wasn’t God’s time back then,” Reed said.

This spring the YMCA put the building up for sale and Reed saw an opportunity to pursue the idea of ​​a Christian school in Holdrege. Reed contacted another Holdrege resident, Ben Loberg, about his idea and vision for the school. Loberg and Reed were both concerned about the health education standards proposed by the Nebraska Department of Education.

“We started talking about it. I said, ‘Hey, I think this is something our community needs.’ I think there is some momentum with some of the standards that have been presented to some of the school boards, ”Loberg said.