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How a lottery player donated most of his jackpot winnings to save the planet

Would you donate all your lottery winnings to charity if you hit the jackpot? In this article, we are going to hear about lottery winners who have done just that.

We will also learn how to become the next potential billionaire by betting on UK Powerball with Lottoland to win the PowerBall jackpot and how to bet on Lottoland’s Charity Lotto.

The French charity winner of the EuroMillions

A lucky Frenchman has donated most of his record $217 million lottery jackpot to a nature foundation he started. The winner, nicknamed “Guy” by the French lottery group Françaises des Jeux (FDJ), won the jackpot in December 2020. At the time, the jackpot was the largest in EuroMillions history.

He created a foundation named after a town in Côte d’Ivoire where he spent several years growing up as a child. The Anyama Foundation website explained that it was Guy’s memory of seeing trucks loaded with trees in Ivory Coast that motivated him to start an environmental foundation.

“From my point of view, the priority today is to save the planet. We need to act. It is an absolute emergency. If nothing is done in this regard, all other actions will be in vain. We will no longer exist,” he explained.

Reflecting on the moment of his victory, Guy told Le Parisien he had feelings of doubt and disbelief. However, after it became clear he was the rightful winner, he said, he decided to put the money to good use.

“As soon as I found out I was the lucky winner of EuroMillions, I had the will to share my luck,” he said in the interview.

Which guy!

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There are tons of different ways to donate your winnings to charity, so it can be difficult to decide how you want to donate your money if you hit the jackpot. Below are some moving and encouraging stories of lottery winners and how they donated their big jackpots.

How to spend up to $1 billion to make the world a better place

  1. New Jersey’s $429 Million Powerball Winner Tackles Poverty

Pearlie Smith and her seven children won $429 million playing American Powerball in 2016. In addition to paying off mortgages, student loans and building savings, they decided to give it back to their town.

The family of eight started the Smith Family Foundation to contribute financially to various local organizations that were set up to improve the lives of people in their town of Trenton, New Jersey.

The foundation provides funding for Christian values, educational opportunities for Trenton District students, youth and family support, neighborhood development and more.

2. France’s joy at donating half of £114.9m

Frances Connolly assured others to share her good fortune just hours after winning the £114.9 EuroMillions jackpot on January 1, 2019.

She used the holiday season as an opportunity to help others. She bought 1,000 gifts for patients who would have spent Christmas Day in hospital as IT equipment for a group of young carers who would otherwise have faced a bleak Christmas.

She and her husband also started 21 charitable foundations.

One of France’s most precious gifts was to help a young refugee boy go to school. She discovered that a 13-year-old refugee was struggling to get to school because his family had been relocated and his mother couldn’t afford her son’s bus fare. Frances immediately covered transportation costs for the rest of her time at school.

Frances also helped a man take his young daughter on her favorite country walk after an accident left him in a wheelchair. He enjoyed hiking with his little girl who was about 4 years old. So Frances used her generosity to pay for special wheels for the wheelchair so he could get her out once more.

If all that wasn’t charitable enough, Frances has been very charitable during the pandemic. She sponsored the Teesside Philanthropic Society which was buying tablet computers, then bought another 100 for Hartlepool and 100 for Northern Ireland, to distribute to care home residents, Macmillan nurses, young carers and shelters for women because children living in temporary accommodation did not have. t have access to computers.

3. Les Robin creates Sumer camp with his 110 million dollars

Millions of children and parents around the world benefit from the structure and fun that day camps provide. However, there are still many families who cannot afford such luxury. This is where Powerball winner Les Robins comes in.

In 1993, Robins, a schoolteacher, cashed in on the $110 million jackpot. He decided to use his millions to create a summer camp after realizing that many of the children he taught did not have access to the same summer activities and entertainment facilities he enjoyed in his youth.

Robins purchased 226 acres with his winnings and opened “Camp Winnegator”. It operated for over ten years, providing parents with an affordable summer camp where their children could make friends, participate in fun activities, enjoy the great outdoors, and create fond memories that will last a lifetime!

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We’ve learned many different ways to be generous with your lottery winnings, so now is the perfect time.

So good luck and enjoy whatever you choose to do with your winnings. Who knows, maybe we’ll talk to you soon for an exclusive interview with the winner of a charity lottery!