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Interest-free loan

Interest-free loan

Interest-free loan

Non-interest-free credit as a gift Any free donation to living beings is to be regarded as a gift if it enriches the consideration for the account of the donor. The granting of a non-interest-bearing loan is, in this context, a donation according to a decision of the University of Applied Sciences, since the claimant can make use of the money made available free of charge. The disinvestment of the donor and the enrichment on the part of the borrower need not be the same, provided that the donation is deliberately made.

However, the latter only corresponds to the nominal value if the loan bears interest. It is an exhaustion of the lender and a benefit for the borrower. The taxable profit is the portion of equity that is not compensated by the discounted repayment obligation. The purpose of the free donation is the possibility of use, which is to be assessed as gift tax enrichment with the original value, ie the multiple of the annual value.

An interest-free loan – opportunities and risks. Serious loan on the test

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Loans are a popular means to underpin your own lifestyle. But interest rates alone can quickly turn loans into a cost situation. Users have alternative ways to raise money without having to pay a high interest rate. This not only eliminates the interest expenses, but also a Schufa application or a proof of purchase.

However, this form of credit should also be carefully considered, as it does not always prove to be the best choice in every respect. A private bond is especially interest-free, if a close acquaintance or a relative as a lender can be won. With the interest waiver debtors can often repay the money much faster in full, since only the partial amounts have to be paid.

Especially for the private citizen this can be more important than a possible interest profit. But even if a donor has been identified with whom the debtor has a fixed relationship, it is necessary to settle all the terms of the relationship as contracted. This also makes the debtor more independent. As a rule, the lender knows the financial and economic situation of the debtor and can contribute to the current circumstances.

Zero funding

Zero funding

The zero funding, which is advertised primarily in the automotive and electrical industries, is also an interest-free loan. There is no interest. The users do not have to pay default interest, which does not mean that no further fees, eg for processing, arise. They are often hidden in small format and can lead to high expenditure.

This means that consumers can quickly overburden themselves economically. If the zero funding has to be replaced by a normal loan, this is linked to very unfavorable conditions and a very high interest rate. With the large amounts that are usually paid for a vehicle, pays a regular loan from its own house bank.

Often, users have far fewer options to select details and customize their articles. Zero financing can be a good company, but especially with large purchases, it should be scrutinized whether a regular loan is not cheaper and risk-free, because zero financing is often just a cheap advertising tool that does not really benefit the consumer.

However, this is linked to special needs and therefore the people concerned should know it exactly. Many municipalities also want to address certain groups of people with non-interest-bearing loans.

They provide non-interest-bearing loans

They provide non-interest-bearing loans

For example, they provide non-interest-bearing loans to young host families or certain companies to retain or retain as income taxpayers and residents. They are usually very cheap for the users and can often be exploited without hesitation. However, such measures are usually associated with significant restrictions or requirements, so that even here, the debtors should not be premature.

In addition, an interest-free loan should not hide the fact that it still has to be repaid. Otherwise, this approach can quickly become a debt trap. As a rule, there are no interest-free loans from well-known banks, and yet there are many such options on the intranet. Often, consumers should only be persuaded to provide confidential information.

Otherwise, users will be prompted to purchase other services. They are then also associated with void promises, and consumers cause a high cost.

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