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Jabez learners surprise seniors with a hot meal


POLOKWANE – Gr 10 learners from Jabez Christian Academy recently surprised residents of Our Home / Ons Tuiste by delivering 120 servings of freshly made soup to the institution.

The learners took the opportunity to inquire about the well-being of the residents who joined the queue to receive their food in their own mugs.

Jabez principal Elana Erasmus explained that the exercise served a dual purpose.

“As part of the Life Orientation program, learners are required to perform community service and as such Gr 10 learners have volunteered to serve soup at Ons Tuiste.

“As a Christian school, we also adhere to Christian values ​​of service,” Erasmus said, adding that learners love to reach out and serve the most vulnerable members of the community.

Our Home / Ons Tuiste resident Lena van der Ryst thanked Jabez deputy manager Bruce Phillips for the soup and said it’s heartwarming that young people always care about old people.


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