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JBU communication students win awards


Communication students at John Brown University won a number of awards from the Arkansas College Media Association, the Arkansas Press Women, and the Evangelical Press Association at the end of the school year.

The Evangelical Press Association awarded the Threefold Advocate with an Award of Excellence for the newspaper’s digital publication, a Merit Award for print publication and fifth place for student writer of the year to María Aguilar, editor in chief, for his profile “Mayra’s journey to freedom Beyond borders.”

Arkansas Press Women, an organization for student and professional communicators, honored five JBU students and one faculty member. The first place winners of the APW competition are eligible to advance their applications to compete at the national level if they are members of the National Federation of Women of the Press.

The recognized students were:

• María Aguilar senior – First place in college / education division for news writing for “QAnon Explained: Conspiracy Theory Spreading In Christian Circles”

• Freshman Joanna Hayes – Second place in college / education division for short story writing for “Students Reveal Midlife Experiences and Challenges”

• Senior Grace Lindquist – First place in the Collegiate / Education division for feature writing for “JBU Alumna Appointed to the Cherokee Nation Supreme Court” and second place in the Collegiate / Education division for feature writing for “Breast Cancer Awareness Month during Coronavirus “

• Catherine Nolte senior – Third place in the professional division for writing, specialized articles, social issues for “Part of the Kingdom: Documentary sheds light on the experiences of LGTQIA student at Christian universitys” and honorable mention in the division professional for in-depth reporting for “French debate and protest and Metaxas; online harassment ”(María Aguilar was a co-participant in the latter.)

• Junior Orry Phillips – first place in the college / education division for writing opinions / editorials / reviews for “Wear a Mask to Save College Sports”; # 1 in College / Education Division for Sports Writing for “Despite Adversity, Soderquist’s Signing Class 20 Remains Focused”; and # 1 in the Professional Division for Web and Social Media – Podcast for “The Conversation, Episode 1: David French”

• Debbie Miller, Assistant Professor of Communication and Faculty Advisor for The Threefold Advocate, received two awards: first place in the Collegiate / Education Faculty Adviser of Student Publication, Station, or Site division and second place in the Professional for Specialty division. Articles – Personal Essay for “Famous Women You Haven’t Heard Of.”

The Arkansas College Media Association awarded 16 awards to JBU students, including:

The Threefold Advocate, Golden Eagle Productions, JBU Political Science: Online Multimedia Package – first place (election night coverage)

• Catherine Nolte, María Aguilar and Andrew Mobley senior: Website of the year

• María Aguilar: Reporter of the Year, Online Breaking News – third place, Online In-Depth Reporting – third place

• Catherine Nolte: Editor of the year, Latest news online – first place

• Grace Lindquist: Online Election Coverage – Second Place, Online Personality Profile – Honorable Mention

• Orry Phillips: Audio podcast – second place, newspaper sports column – second place

• Armando Hernandez senior: online news writing – second place

• Andrew Mobley: newspaper article writing – first place

• Sophomore Jeffrey Hernandez: Journal Art / Illustration – honorable mention

• Suzy Lee senior: General journal of the newspaper – Honorable mention

• María Aguilar and her sophomore Brooke Baldwin: News photo – first place.


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