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Joy Dawe: candidate for the position of Director General of Eastmont School Board No. 4 | Education


Joy Dawe is a candidate for the post of Executive Director of Eastmont School Board No. 4. Her opponents in the August 3 primary are John “Stew” Steward, Dave Piepel and Charyl Baziak, although Piepel and Baziak have verbally resigned from the race.

Why are you a candidate for the school board?

I am running for position 4 of the general school board with the goal of having a positive impact on the community. I want to make policy changes that negatively affect our children. I will listen to parents, students and the community, and I will represent their voices when evaluating policies.

Joy Dawe

I believe a lot of people would like to see changes implemented, but are unwilling to set aside time to run for office. I will take the time to sit on the board. I am delighted to have this opportunity.

In your opinion, what are the key issues in this race for school boards?

Two of the most pressing issues facing our school district today are: critical race theory and sex education.

The Critical Race Theory program does the opposite of what it claims. It focuses on skin color and divides children into groups of the privileged and the oppressed. CRT is a transformed Marxist ideology, and tries to establish a culture of fear and government control. This program has no place in our education system. Every child in our school district needs to learn that they are precious, important, and have a safe educational environment in which to grow up.

The sex education curriculum contains manipulative terms used to create a framework of confusing and anti-Christian ideologies. Sexuality education should be age-appropriate and should consider the whole community (which includes the faith community).

What do you think are the lessons we learned from dealing with COVID last year as it relates to school?

The depression in our children has skyrocketed. The CDC found that mental health-related emergency room visits increased by 31% in 2020 for children aged 12 to 17 from March to October compared to the same period the year before. Many children have attempted suicide. I have personally been touched by this recently. It is heartbreaking to know that the emotional well-being of our children has a negative impact on these policies. Our children have missed a whole year of opportunity, and I will stand up to help overcome these issues by removing the restrictions on Covid-19.

John “Stew” Steward: candidate for the post of principal of the Eastmont school board n ° 4 at large

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