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Lake Travis School District Gets High Marks for Fiscal Responsibility

The Lake Travis School District received a financial score of 98 out of 100 for the state’s second straight year.

A Texas School Financial Integrity Rating System, or FIRST, is a financial responsibility rating developed by the Texas Education Agency to hold schools accountable for the quality of their financial management and help them improve. According to the TEA’s website, the goal of the grading system is to encourage “schools to better manage their financial resources to provide the maximum possible allocation for direct instructional purposes.”

School districts receive grades based on 20 indicators, three of which were not considered for this year due to COVID-19, said Pam Sanchez, Lake Travis assistant superintendent for program instruction.

Lake Travis received full points for all rated indicators except Indicator 13, where it received an 8 out of 10. The indicator examines student attendance numbers against administration, a Sanchez said. In 2018 to 2019, Sanchez said, Lake Travis received a perfect score for this metric. However, recent student growth has pushed the district’s student body to over 10,000 students, and with roughly the same number of staff, the district hasn’t received the full mark, Sanchez said.

“We’ve passed that threshold (of 10,000 students), and being a smaller size for that threshold, we still have our number of administrative staff to run our campuses and the district,” Sanchez said. “Therefore, we are not quite reaching the ratio that would give us full points.”

The school district received a perfect score on all other indicators, such as paying obligations on time and timely payments to the teachers’ retirement system, the Texas Workforce Commission, the IRS and others. government agencies. Indicator 6 measures whether the district has a fund balance to operate for at least 75 days and whether Lake Travis has enough funds to operate for at least 125 days from Wednesday’s school board meeting announcing the results, Sanchez said.

“It’s great to see an outside report that includes this independent audit and many of the indicators that the state prioritizes,” said trustee Lauren White. “To see that when you dig deep, we do a really good job.”

The district received a grade of A, or “superior achievement,” according to the report on the TEA’s website. Find the full report and the rest of the indicators the district scored on on the TEA website.

The start of the meeting consisted of special recognition for the 64 students from Lake Travis High School who qualified for the 2023 National Scholarship Program.

“These students enter the program by taking the preliminary SAT and then the National Merit Scholarship qualifying test as a high school sophomore and junior,” a high school representative said. “They were chosen from more than 1.5 million program participants and represent less than 1% of high school students in every state.”

Eight National Merit Semifinalists, 26 Commended Scholars and 30 National Hispanic Scholars from Lake Travis High School were recognized at Wednesday’s meeting.

The eight National Merit semi-finalists are Tyler Harrison, William lannitell, Bogna Kaminska, Jackson Lleb, Ellzabeth Sewell, Meghana Singireddy, Siddharth Sreenlvasan and Andrew Yun.

The 26 awarded scholars are Rory Adl, Valeria Alexeykina, David Barba, Emmerson Bergstrom, Dax Debner, Ria DeSouza, Prishita Durga, Brooke Ellisor, Isaac George, Lauren Hebel, Nausheen Hossaln, Sonika Klehler, Simon Knuff, Brady Malone, Andrew Matthew, Hanna Ngo, Van Nguyen, Robert Paine, Luke Peters, Aman Reddy, Kathryn Richter, Samuel Rincon, Kyra Sampson, Annabella Smith, Caleb Simpson and Coco Zhou.

The 30 National Hispanic Scholars are Alissa Aldrich, Orlana Alves Ferreira-Dias, Alejandro Baraona, Jessica Barrero, Hector Beltran Garcia, Brandon Berens, Christian Cotroneo, Elena Davis, Nicholas De La Rosa, Mekenna Flores, Adrianna Gaddy, Julian Garcia, Luis Higareda , Maddisun Lee, Brendan Lucero, Daniel Magana Camargo, Valeria Malave, Jesus Martinez Hernandez, Ana Millan, Mia Moorad, Amando Peña, Alexandra Rodriguez, Alexis Romero, Amy Salas, Alexander Sica, Katya Solis, Pitchford Tucker, Ana Alicia Urista, Melia Zands and Travis Zinzer.

The next Lake Travis ISD School Board meeting will be at 6 p.m. on November 16 in the Live Oak Room of the Educational Development Center, 607 RM 620.