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Law firm provides grants to educators | Venice Gondolier Sun


VENICE – A total of 12 mini-grants of a maximum of $ 600 per piece have been awarded to teachers in the region.

The awards come from the Venice High School Foundation and total $ 7,309.06, said Foundation President Andrew J. Britton.

According to a press release, the mini-grants awarded include:

• Stephany Stoddart – $ 596.75 for books on life skills and recreational interests for an intensive language class.

• Clay burton – $ 542.32 for resistance bands for physical training classes.

• Christine pomerleau – $ 600 for staff appreciation gifts for VHS support staff.

• Jackie Henson-Dacey – $ 500 for glass mosaics, tools, tiles and kits for visual arts classes.

• Jennifer kuhn – $ 600 for an HP ProBook laptop for its English class.

• Karen matteini – $ 545.65 for dry erase boards, markers and other supplies to improve language skills.

• Beth donofrio – $ 600 for posters, stoles, t-shirts and other materials related to the marketing of the AP Capstone Diploma Program.

• Shari Valencic – $ 435.75 for flashcards, books and posters for AP psychology classes.

• Diane davis – $ 600 for the purchase of the license of the Fast ForWords program to improve reading skills.

• Nadia carlston – $ 600 for ESOL end of studies articles.

• Larry Shannon – $ 569 for an engineering class HP ProBook x360 Touch.

• Dean krom – $ 600 for JROTC uniform hoodies and warm-up vests for its orientation team.

• Rob lash – $ 519.60 for lab boards to help understand the mathematics of electronic circuits and computer code logic.

“The Venice High School Foundation was founded to provide revenue sources for programs not available on traditional school funding due to budget constraints,” he said in an email. “The goal is to broaden the horizons of learning through innovative programs aimed not only at students, but also at staff and faculty. It is intended for all facets of school life, including not only the enhancement of traditional learning programs, but also out-of-school and enhanced study opportunities. “

He noted that there are ways to help with the effort.

Those interested can “Establish a memorial to someone committed to our youth; Make a donation for the improvement of a special project or discipline; Encourage groups or others to get involved to build a solid future; Put forward ideas to stimulate new programs and ways to improve our interaction with young people or donate under your will to the Venice High School Foundation. “

Those interested can call 941-488-6726 or Andrew J. Britton of the Venice High School Foundation of the Britton Law Group at 941-408-8008.


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