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Letters to the Editor – January 5, 2022 | Pikes Peak Courier


Thoughts for the New Year 2022

For two years humanity has lived in fear, complacency and challenge from an invisible force that has plagued our existence. This New Year’s Eve, may each Soul stop for a few moments and gather its strength; open their hearts and use their wills to send feelings and thoughts of peace and unconditional love to all souls, all species and to that Our Earth which can support us; if it was allowed. We have had many signs and opportunities showing us the way; yet we choose to wear the blinders of denial. Let your Light shine in the year to come and may Peace, Love and Understanding touch All Humanity.

One of the many voices that cry out in the wilderness.


Johanna Stiles, To divide

Welcome to a new year for WPSD

This week marks the start of a new year for the Woodland Park School District for students, teachers and staff. In addition, 2022 will be the first year of your school board, of which I have the honor to be the president.

In the New Year, students and their families, district staff and the community of Woodland Park can count on RE-2 schools to help provide both the tools and resources necessary for a great education.

On behalf of the WPSD Board of Directors, I congratulate and thank all of the school’s employees for their hard work and commitment during the pandemic and government shutdowns. WPSD has an amazing team.

Over the next few weeks, the council will be on a listening tour. The responsibility of an elected school board is to represent the people who elected it, to establish school policies according to the virtues and values ​​of our parents and our community and to ensure their implementation.

We will continue to learn, observe and, in some limited situations, make decisions that we believe will advance the quality of student education before the end of this tour. For example, the board has already increased the space for parents and media to be present at public meetings. We’ve also reinstated web streaming for those who can’t attend meetings.

We have started an evaluation of our current program and our policy on sensitive / controversial matters. We asked our Superintendent, Dr. Neal, to pave the way for an opportunity to give parents choice in education within our public schools. All this to meet the demand of many parents.

Not only do students need a high quality education, but we aspire for them to learn about self-respect, family engagement, love of country and civic duty.

I want to emphasize that we as board members are fortunate to serve a community that values ​​public education and understands that flexibility is needed to meet the needs of students. A school is not just brick and mortar; it’s a caring family, knowledgeable teachers and staff who make a difference for students every day.

The future of our great community rests in the hands, hearts and heads of our students at Woodland Park. I believe our district is home to the best and the brightest, because they will end the school year strong.

Thank you for your continued support for the Woodland Park School District.

David Rusterholtz, President, Woodland Park School Board, Woodland park

The “best angels” become “bitter angels”

I agree with some of the points made by Sam Gould in his letter of December 22. BUT, I have to get to the last paragraph. In my humble opinion, our “best angels” have become “beaten angels”.

True conservative Americans have reached their limit of tolerance. We are fed up with everything Christian and conservative being targeted, doxxed, slandered and physically assaulted. We are tired of seeing our nation dismantle piecemeal to please radical and anti-American fringe groups. We are fed up with our children being brainwashed with CRT in an attempt to turn them against their parents and their nation. We are tired of seeing rules, regulations and laws viciously applied to American citizens as rioters, illegal aliens and criminal groups go unpunished and manipulated with velvet gloves.

We are tired of being legally punished for having to protect our families and our property from the lawless who otherwise go unpunished. We are tired of hard working law enforcement officers being punished for doing their job, doing what needed to be done. We are tired of illegal aliens crossing our borders unchecked to live on government taxpayer-funded assistance. We are tired of engaging in all international situations and defense operations, and without any assistance.

We are tired of nations around the world denigrating America and its military while reaching out for more international aid and funding. We are tired of being the “bad guys!” “

As a staunch independent, I tolerate all politicians as a necessary evil, but I totally hate career politicians. Every career politician is a demagogue by definition. We witness the epitome of their betrayal and dishonesty on a daily basis. The bonds that unite us have been severed by these swamp creatures. And the media, a similar swamp creature, took in the mud that lubricates their lucrative business. All of these swamp creatures are getting richer at the expense of American taxpayers. Memory? Those voiceless and unprotected? Yeah, God-fearing AMERICANS!

We are tired, but we have not yet started to fight. We will do what the government will not do and what law enforcement has been prohibited from doing. We will not be ignored or left unprotected. Like most Americans, we have caring and generous hearts. But we also have a limit on how much male cattle droppings we can tolerate.

My grandfather often reminded me, “Boy, you’d rather dry shave a feral cat’s butt with a dry, rusty razor in a phone booth at midnight during a hurricane in South Georgia than play. with a strong Christian! I’m pretty sure real Americans, God-fearing Americans, have reached this point. The “best angels” are about to become the tired, abused, beaten “bitter angels”. It may not end well. This was not the case in 1860, and may end differently this time.

Buck Dugger, Woodland park

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