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Letters to the Editor May 30


Hospital communication

The nature of the communication between Logan Health, the nurses who came together, and the Flathead community at large has something lost in the current community discussion of the crisis at KRH / Logan Health.

It is unfortunate that many in our community do not realize that the voice that speaks for KRH / Logan Health, through their full page ads for example, is largely the voice of one person, the CEO of Logan Health, Craig Lambrect. The whole point of forming a collective bargaining agreement, as these nurses have done, is joining many voices as one in addressing a common issue at KRH / Logan Health which at the both builds on and supports the community. Back-and-forth conversation is a way to empower all parties and help each other in today’s healthcare maze.

As a member of the community, it is frustrating to see repeated “communications” from Lambrect that are more like advertisements than a one-handed, extended for discussion as we see in the letters to the editors sections between the doctors, nurses and the community. I wonder what other executives at Logan Health think about their company’s inability to negotiate in good faith.

As members of the community, it would be great to know that the many people who make up the leadership of Logan Health can work with nurses (unionized and non-unionized) and our community to together create the future of healthcare.

—Jay Cummings, Somers

Application at Blankenship

I read with interest the May 23 editorial “Forest Service Decision on Short-sighted Camping at Blankenship”, but was disappointed that neither the Daily Inter Lake nor the Flathead National Forest made any reference to current camping regulations for Blankenship.

According to current regulations dated 2015 (but the requirements date back almost two decades), a fire pan or fire blanket is required at Blankenship SW, as is the requirement that “solid human waste must be self-contained. and packaged for approved disposal. site during overnight stays in places without public toilets. Finally, there is a three night stay limit at this location.

The problems on this site are not due to the presence of people, but to people who do not respect the rules relating to fires, waste and the limit of stay; and because the Forest Service does not enforce its own existing regulations. This site can be used and enjoyed for ethical scatter camping, but this does not happen.

The North Fork Flathead and Middle Fork Flathead rivers and their confluence are listed as National Wild and Scenic Rivers, but in fact neither of these sections is designated as “wild” or “scenic”, but rather “recreational”.

Education is good and the majority of people should stick to it. Please, Forestry Supervisor Steele, write notes to the people who ignore the regulations and education, and willingly destroy this place for everyone.

Short-sighted, the public has not read the regulations currently in place, Inter Lake has not investigated or reported on these regulations, and the Forest Service has not enforced them.

—Shawn Baker, Kalispell

The Church and Public Policy

Say what? The op-ed by Dick Pence (Conservative Church Must Engage in Political Questions, May 23) asks: Where in the world has the good shepherd been for the past half century? Certainly not in the United States, where conservative Christian ministers and their supporters in countless evangelical congregations have had a profound effect on public policy and the election of ultra-conservative politicians.

Does Pastor Pence ignore Reverend Jerry Falwell’s “moral majority” movement and its significant influence on politics in this country, including a decisive role in the election of Ronald Reagan to the presidency, among other victories for religious conservatives since the late 1970s?

Does he not recognize the fact that Donald Trump would not have been elected in 2016 without the support of 75% of conservative Christian voters? Is he oblivious to the annual prayer breakfasts in Washington, DC for elected leaders – an activity that many support is in flagrant violation of the constitutional principle of separation of church and state?

Can he seriously examine the controversial legislation drafted by conservative members of the recent Montana legislature and not see the heavy hand of conservative churches at stake?

Pastor Pence should count his blessings. Much of what it claims not to happen is actually fruit in full bloom. Obviously, he and others of his ilk will not be satisfied until the United States ceases to be a secular nation and becomes something akin to a theocracy serving the beliefs of its sect. Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, Jr. will be happy. Are you going?

—Mark Holston, Kalispell

Flag protocol

Senator Daines,

I have a hard time understanding why the Black Lives Matter flag flies over our embassies around the world. Who authorizes this?

The only flag flying above any of our embassies should be the “Stars and Stripes” in recognition of the sovereignty of our nation, the United States of America. It is imperative that you, Senator Daines, take immediate action to restore this right.

– James Malone, Kalispell


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