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Livingstone College is building a state-of-the-art esports complex on Jake Alexander Boulevard. location


Livingstone College has taken the progressive and bold steps to enter the esports arena.

SALISBURY – A state-of-the-art esports complex is coming to Livingstone College this fall.

Under the leadership of President Dr Jimmy R. Jenkins, Sr., Livingstone College has taken the progressive and bold steps to enter the esports arena by establishing the Livingstone College Athletics Esports Facility, which will be located inside its hotel and culinary management school. Arts at 530, boul. Jake Alexander. South.

The site, which is expected to be completed in September 2021, will consist of five components: competitive esports; golf simulation; iRacing; diffusion; and plenty of space for social gatherings. Once completed, Livingstone esports anticipates an active schedule and has already established facility hosting plans for over 100 events per year.

Livingstone has contracted with Ohio-based Meridian HD to develop the estimated $ 1.3 million project that will include a more compact facility in the Walls Center of its West Monroe Street campus for students. The largest off-campus site will be open to the public as well as to students.

Livingstone esports will include 16 competitive gaming stations; 16 social play stations; a pre-match strategy and training room; two golf simulation stations; a dissemination center; two iRacing simulation units positioned in the college pit room; uniquely designed esports hotel suites; and a concessions / drinks bar.

The facility will include overnight hotel rental; large meeting rooms for meetings of community and professional associations; and expanded sports boards for the College’s existing sports programming.

“Together with Meridian HD and the leadership of Dr. Jimmy R. Jenkins, Sr., we have an exciting concept that no other HBCU, or any other college for that matter, has conceptualized,” said Lamonte Massie-Sampson , Sporting Director of Livingstone. director. “This combination of education, competition and income generation gives Livingstone College Athletics a head start in this new initiative.”

After nearly a year of design planning, Massie-Sampson said he’s thrilled to know that Livingstone’s esports program will be the role model for many more to follow. Additionally, this type of facility will allow the college to recruit the best esports competitors to enroll in and graduate from Livingstone College.

“We have also dedicated scholarships to ensure that we compete not only with other advanced facilities, but also with scholarships,” said Massie-Sampson. “When this project is completed, Livingstone will be competitive and a leader in the esports industry. “

There are also plans for a student-centered curriculum integrating STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education and preparing students for the career opportunities that come with esports, including but not limited to. limit: commercial and defense drone operators; computer programming; sports journalism and broadcasting; audio / visual entertainment professionals; content creators; and management of hospitality and event planning.

“The launch of our cutting-edge esports program this fall demonstrates Livingstone’s commitment to staying progressive and relevant with the programs we deliver,” Jenkin said. “We are also delighted with this inaugural partnership with Meridian HD as we deliver a competitive and cutting edge esports program. ”

For more information on the esports program or esports scholarships, email Lamonte Massie-Sampson at lmassie-sampson

Livingstone College is a historically black private college that is backed by a strong commitment to quality education, academic excellence, and student achievement. Through a Christian environment geared towards holistic learning, Livingstone offers excellent business, liberal arts, STEAM, teacher education and workforce development programs to students of all ethnicities, designed to promote lifelong learning and develop students’ potential for leadership and service to a Global Community. For more information, visit


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