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Local students rock 100 days of school

Of all the exciting milestones in the 180-day academic calendar, perhaps one of the most challenging and fun for young students and teachers is the 100th day; the day that signifies being halfway through the end of the school year. Many elementary schools hold a special dress-up day to commemorate and celebrate achievement, beginning the countdown to summer vacation. Like the little engine that might, the hallways seem to swell with a feeling of “I think I can, I think I can” (get to day 180) as that magical day 100 hits the hill.

Buford City Schools celebrated their 100th day on Thursday, January 20. Some of the lower classes had students dressed as centenarians, while other classes took on the “rock star” theme as students and teachers dressed in colorful and eccentric clothing and accessories. in congratulations on shaking up the school year.

Buford Academy freshman teachers Dr. Tiffany Thomas, Bonnie Harper, Lori Parks and Jessica Cooney celebrate their 100th day of school. Photo courtesy of Bonnie Harper.

Natalie Brackett, a teacher at Buford Academy, explained how teachers used the day to create learning opportunities, saying: “Some of our third-grade teachers read about schools 100 years ago versus today. ‘today.”

According to Bonnie Harper, first grade teacher at Buford Academy, “Our young guns enjoyed snack time with a donut stick and two mini donuts, combined to form a 100.”

Gwinnett County Schools celebrated their 100th day on Friday, January 21. Students from North Gwinnett and Lanier Group Schools also dressed up and celebrated. At Sugar Hill Elementary, the freshman department collected 100 cans per class to donate to the North Gwinnett Co-op.

Cathy O’Rouke, Administrative Assistant to the Principal at Sugar Hill Elementary, said, “Our first graders not only help out the community, but on Monday and Tuesday they will also be counting and sorting the items collected as part of a community activity. improvement of the program. ”

The North Gwinnett Co-op Drive is an annual activity for Sugar Hill Elementary students who support the community in various ways throughout the school year, but especially on the 100th annual school day.

Sugar Hill Christian Academy will celebrate its 100th day on Tuesday, January 25. According to the school administration, kindergarteners plan to dress up as 100, enjoy 100-calorie snacks for tea time, and practice their skills by making 100 necklace noodles. They will also write about what they think they will be doing when they turn 100.

Congratulations to these students for completing 100 days of school this year, and keep having fun! We think you can — we to know you can go all the way to the end of the school year and finish strong!

FEATURED PHOTO: Sam Nordholtz enjoys a 100 day snack with a donut stick one and two donut zeros on Thursday, January 20, 2022 at Buford Academy. Photo courtesy of Bonnie Harper.