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Majoring in Biochemistry Leads to Meaningful Career Paths: Indiana University Kokomo

KOKOMO, Indiana— Could you be the person to develop the next life-saving vaccine?

This is just one of the possibilities with a biochemistry degree from Indiana University Kokomo. In addition to health fields, it will prepare you for many opportunities, including higher education or careers in the biotechnology or pharmaceutical industries.

It’s not just about what happens in the classroom – students also research side-by-side with faculty members, finding real-world solutions to problems.

If medical school, dental school, or other advanced degrees are in your future, this program is a great way to gain hands-on experience that will set you apart in the application process.

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Education is KEY at Indiana University Kokomo.

Description of the video:

2022 Biochemistry Transcript

Hunt Hall is shown from a drone perspective and transitions to a science classroom full of students.

Student, Tifany Burnett speaks to the camera.

00:00:00:02 – 00:00:12:05

Tifany Burnett

After taking the second biology course that you take as a biology major, we had a section on biochemistry. I completely fell in love with it. It was like, “This is it. I love this. I’m doing this.” And I changed majors.

The Dean of the School of Science, Christian Chauret, speaks in front of the camera.

00:00:12:16 – 00:00:31:01

Christian Chauet

Thus, biochemists can work in the pharmaceutical industry, in research or in laboratories where they can study, for example, the impact of drugs on cells. They may be involved in the production or development of vaccines. We’ve had a few examples of this lately with COVID19.

Student, Nate Moore speaks to the camera.

00:00:31:09 – 00:00:45:22

Nate Moore

I know I want to do something that makes sense long term and then find ways to help people in new and engaging ways. In science, biochemistry has really been a way to touch both.

Christian Chauret continues.

00:00:46:01 – 00:01:05:06

Christian Chauet

I think our greatest asset at IU Kokomo is the fact that our biochemistry students gain work experience in research. So as part of the program, they must do at least one semester of research with a faculty mentor, and many university students can do research with faculty, but it’s not a requirement.

Nate Moore continues.

00:01:05:10 – 00:01:16:05

Nate Moore

Being able to do individual research with a teacher has been a really valuable experience so far. It’s almost like the… like the sorcerer’s apprentice, you know, like you’re working in a lab. You have stuff going on.

Tifany Burnett continues.

00:01:16:05 – 00:01:26:08

Tifany Burnett

At first yes, it’s terrifying because you don’t know them, but once you start talking to them and you get to know each other, it almost seems like they are your friends, but not really because they are your teacher.

Dr. Chauret continues.

00:01:26:21 – 00:01:47:10

Christian Chauet

And I think getting that lab experience working with Dr. Masuda or Dr. Hussein or another faculty member is extremely beneficial. It looks great on their resume. It looks good if they decide to apply to medical school or dentistry. It is therefore a truly unique experience that can benefit students enormously.

Tifany Burnett continues.

00:01:47:16 – 00:02:06:13

Tifany Burnett

Speaking of DNA and CRISPR, that’s super cool. I want to keep doing this. And then I think when I got into, like organic chemistry and biochemistry classes, the actual class for those, I was like, this is super fun. I really appreciate that. And why not do what you love.

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