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McDowell Aid: Funding Approved for New School | Opinion


After three years of testing, the McDowell County School Board finally secured state funding for a new consolidated elementary school.

The school system was told last week that it will receive $ 15 million in funding from the West Virginia State School Building Authority for the project, which will replace elementary schools in Kimball, Fall River and Welch.

Plans call for the construction of the new consolidated school on a 350-acre site near Mount View High School in Welch. The scholarship will be awarded over a two-year period, with the school system receiving $ 7.5 million in FY2022 and an additional $ 7.5 million in the FY2023 funding cycle.

The school system has been working to secure funding for the project for the past three years, according to McDowell County School Board chairman David Williams.

The total cost of the new school is $ 18,665,600. McDowell County Schools will provide $ 3,665,000 in local funds to top the total cost of the project.

The three existing schools scheduled to close date back several decades. Welch Elementary and Kimball Elementary Schools are both 67 years old and Fall River Elementary School is approximately 43 years old.

The existing Welch and Kimball Elementary Schools are also located in a floodplain.

Williams says construction on the new school is expected to begin in the spring.

Good. The sooner old schools can be replaced with new, state-of-the-art facilities, the better for students, parents and teachers.

The SBA Fundraising Award is a big win for McDowell County. Modern school facilities and supportive learning environments are essential for children to thrive in their studies.

This is why the new primary school is of particular importance for the pupils who will occupy the structure once it opens.

McDowell County has made significant strides in recent years in closing dilapidated schools and building modern facilities. The new Combined Elementary School for the communities of Kimball, Welch and Fall River is another big step in the right direction for the school system.