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Mooreville High School Honors 2021 Seniors, Former Classmate at Graduation Ceremony | Education


MOOREVILLE • Mooreville High School honored its graduating class of 2021 and a former classmate at the school’s opening ceremony on its soccer field on Saturday afternoon.

Mooreville High Major Ally Grace Bounds reminded her classmates that it had been two memorable last years of high school.

After their first year was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 class looked forward to returning to school in August.

“Everyone was too excited to start school again,” Bounds said. Quickly though, standing six feet away from your friends with a mask on wasn’t much fun. Or maybe you and your friend practically learned from home. Either way, learn n was not easy. “

Although she and her senior colleagues cannot sit together at football games, participate in marching band competitions, or even have donuts at Fellowship of Christian Athletes meetings, Bounds said: “We have everything. continued moving and continued to prepare for our life after high school. “

“We have been facing loss, a global pandemic, social upheaval and much more,” Bounds said. “However, I hope that by moving our pom poms from right to left, we are not defined by these things, but rather by who we are and what we have overcome.”

One hundred and ten students shook hands with administrators and received their diplomas, but 111 chairs were set up on the football field.

The additional chair was occupied by a cap and robe, as well as a photograph of Mason Gregory, who died in 2015 at the age of 12 in a four-wheeled vehicle crash. He was at the time a seventh grade student at Mooreville Middle School.

An empty chair is placed on the front of the stage to honor the memory of Mason Gregory, who died in 2015, during the opening ceremony of Mooreville High School on Saturday morning in Mooreville.

Mason’s mother and father received an honorary degree in his name.

MHS Director Adam Lindsey said it was an honor to host a traditional graduation ceremony for his students this year.

“We started the school year unsure if we were going to come back to school the next day,” Lindsey said. “To be here at the end of the year and to get things back to normal a bit is a blessing.”

Lindsey left the class of 2021 with a quote from the song “Head Full of Doubt / Road Full of Promise” by her favorite band, The Avett Brothers: “Decide what to be and go for it.”

“It’s my responsibility for you today,” Lindsey said. “Your family, school, and community have given you a foundation at this point and you are ready for whatever awaits you and whatever you decide to become.”


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