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MOST aims to provide the best education regardless of income or zip code


“I have two little boys. They are 10 and 8 years old. They attend FACS, ”said Ellie Edwards.

Her son Donlee is a fifth grader and Leyam is a third grader at First Assembly Church School, a private Christian school.

“As a single mom, I didn’t know how I was going to be able to help my kids stay in such a great school,” she recalls.

The choice of parents was huge for Edwards who wanted to ensure that his two sons could attend a school with Christian values. But she didn’t know how she could afford it.

“It is a tremendous peace of mind to know that the scholarship is available for families,” she said. “It makes things a lot easier for people like me.”

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MOST stands for Memphis Opportunity Scholarship Trust. It is an organization that promotes access to good schools for all children in Memphis, regardless of their zip code and family income.

“THE PLUS is a question of school choice. We believe in public schools, private schools, charter schools, home schools. Whatever is best for your child, ”said Executive Director Abbey Cowens.

MOST believes that income should not limit parental choice in education.

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“Education is the backbone of our society. If we can make sure that everyone receives the best education that matches their needs, then we will have a stronger society, ”said Cowens.

MOST partners with over 50 private schools in Memphis. While they do not provide the full tuition fees for families, they do offer needs-based scholarships to help families ease the financial burden.

“We come in after the school has given financial aid and we are closing the gap between what parents can afford and what it will cost them,” Cowens said.

This is why our anonymous donor wanted to give MOST a check for $ 1,000. When you level the educational playground, you will always get a perfect score of 100. A true community changer.


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