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New public charter school opens this fall in Fresno


Located in central Fresno, downtown Blackstone and Dakota, Aspen Ridge Public School will begin grades 7-9.

Video transcript

SHAYLA GIRARDIN: Anai and her daughter Serenity Gomez have been part of the Aspen family for years.

ANAI GOMEZ: We started with Aspen Meadow since they opened. My daughter was growing up with them. And I like it. You know, it’s a great school. I can’t ask for anything better.

SHAYLA GIRARDIN: Serenity attended Aspen Meadow, a K-6 charter school. But Anai worried what the seventh grade would hold for her student.

ANAI GOMEZ: Just the thought of going to a regular school like her, you know, was really in my head. When they said they could go all the way to high school, oh my god. It was just a relief, you know?

SHAYLA GIRARDIN: Now the Aspen family is growing. They are opening a new charter school, Aspen Ridge Public School, this fall.

JOSHUA HODGES: Whether the student is determined to continue their university education afterwards or to jump straight into a career, we want to help students prepare for the next step.

SHAYLA GIRARDIN: Located in Central Fresno, downtown Blackstone and Dakota, middle and high schools will begin with grades 7 through 9. It will also offer dual enrollment for students looking to get a head start on college credit.

JOSHUA HODGES: This allows them to see that little success, which will propel them to further their education in college – or to continue and go straight to a career.

SHAYLA GIRARDIN: The charter school is open to students from anywhere in the valley, and places are always open.

ANAI GOMEZ: They are really involved, as everyone knows me and my daughter. I can leave her without hesitation that she will be safe.

SHAYLA GIRARDIN: Give students like Serenity something to look forward to this fall.

SERENITY GOMEZ: I’m really happy that I don’t have to make new friends when I go to another school.

SHAYLA GIRARDIN: Details for applying are on our website, Shayla Girardin, ABC 30 Action News.


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