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Caroline Elizabeth Nance

Parents: Robert and Beth Nance
Elementary and Middle Schools: North Hills Christian School

College and Major Expected: NC State University majoring in Biology with a minor in Nutrition.

Career objective: To become a flight surgeon, and eventually an astronaut.
Letter to Sports and the Top Three Club Leadership Positions: College Applause and Volleyball

Leadership positions: drum major, junior civit leader, group leader of the Christian athlete community
Outside School Activities: Work at Barnhardt Jewelers, volunteer and plan activities at the Bethamy Retirement Center.

Decisive moment: it’s difficult! I have the impression that every lesson in life that I have had or every important moment has been decisive. If I had to choose, however, I would say deciding to stay in North Hills for high school was an extremely important moment. It gave me the opportunities for leadership and community involvement that I have had. Along with this, the faculty, staff and my peers have all had such a big impact on my character and personality today. The past four years at NHCS have been quite defining and I am very grateful to them!

The Secret to Your Success in High School: I think the secret to my success in high school was communication with peers, teachers and my guidance counselor. Realizing that I had people who were there to help, support me and motivate me to do my best allowed me not only to strive for success, but also to feel accomplished knowing that I was doing everything I could. I could. Also making a point of doing the things that are difficult, and going the extra mile has really made a difference in my life!
If I had $ 10 million, I would: pay off my student loans and set up scholarship foundations on behalf of my parents because they have always been very passionate about access to education. I would also contribute to Médecins sans frontières, because I believe that the medical advances and the accessibility that they offer are extremely important. With the rest, I would invest in an endowment fund with the goal of educating young women in STEM.


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