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Man, it’s almost like… if you take out a loan, you have to pay it back. When did this start to happen?

But none of us who work have obtained a “stay”. Just keep paying those taxes.

Can we repair the roads, bridges and highways that we have now before we build a new road?

The city, county or state cannot take care of what we have now.

I am sure there are several errors with all the COVID statistics.

They must have used core math the first time.

No state has extended the pandemic unemployment programs that expired earlier this month despite the Biden administration’s call to use the remaining stimulus funds to do so … Find a job.

I think the slow learners are the people of Saint-Joseph. They don’t feel like “things can get better” because they are too caught up in the past. If the best times of my life were in high school, then I probably wouldn’t want to let schools close either. But take a step outside of St. Joseph and see what schools and education can be like. We can do better!

You knew Civic Arena would be the first. A waste of money and a bad idea from the start when building it. That was the whole point, Civic Arena first for the basketball tournament.

If you wait until 2025 for Krug Castle, it won’t be there. He’s in terrible shape now.

Saint-Joseph offers absolutely nothing to our young people in terms of entertainment.

Missing for 23 years. I came back because most of my family still live here. It is sad to see the decline of our city. Always ran as the three founding families led!

The lessons learned from comparing the population growth of Sioux City, Iowa to St. Joseph’s misses the mark. If memory serves, a few years ago the superintendent and several tenured professors were fired for, shall we say, prioritizing personal enrichment rather than creating a citadel of higher education. . A recent local report highlighted the importance of increasing the excise tax so that more police officers can be hired, it appears that we do not have enough officers to execute all of the arrest warrants issued. Waterfront development will add aesthetic value to the city, but better schools and less crime will enrich the quality of life. In my opinion, the quality of education and the crime rate weigh more heavily on people’s minds when considering relocating, more than the number of parks, the presence of a convention center, or the aesthetics of a Business District.

I have a new idea. Let us all strive to make positive comments that empower others instead of resorting to hateful and slanderous comments. I’ll start: be a proud Christian and a proud American. As true American patriots, we know that our identity as Americans comes from our belief in one true God. So love Jesus, serve his kingdom and thank God for living in the greatest country in the world!


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