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Parents and political candidates go to the “Unmask our children” rally on Friday | Education


Longview School Board Member Crystal Moldenhauer speaks at the “Unmask Our Children” rally on Friday at Lake Sacajawea.

Marissa heffernan

About 100 people gathered at Martin Dock in the pouring rain on Friday morning to attend a “Unmask Our Children” rally.

Led by Longview School Board member Crystal Moldenhauer, several political candidates and teachers spoke of the need to stand up to local school boards to make masks optional at school.

A small group of counter-protesters were also present at the 1.5-hour rally, and while a few rally participants spoke with the counter-protesters, the exchange remained non-violent.

Last week, the state released COVID-19 mitigation guidelines for the fall, which include mandatory mask wear and full-time in-person options.

State Superintendent Chris Reykdal said any school districts that do not comply will lose state funding.

Schools that flout mask mandates will lose state funding

“Councils or districts that intentionally disobey, reject, or avoid explicit law, including a decree of the governor, who has the power of law, will see an immediate halt in their allocation of basic education and their federal funds which go through OSPI, ”Reykdal said in an email to school districts.

State mandates are not at the discretion of local school boards or superintendents, he reiterated in the email.

State Representative for the 19th District, Jim Walsh, said, “We should never cut funding to schools; have they lost their minds?


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