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PH-L Chamber awards scholarships to three graduates of the Center | Education


Huitt is a member of the marching, concert and jazz groups where she plays both alto saxophone and clarinet. She is involved with the National Honor Society, the Future Teachers of America, the Pep Club, and the Music Club, as well as the high school office. Outside of school, Huitt works as a team leader for Lix Frozen Custard. Huitt’s positive attitude, educational focus, and strong goals made her a perfect candidate for the Park Hills-Leadington Chamber Scholarship.

Kimball is the daughter of Kyle and Ellen Kyle Kimball. She will use her scholarship for enrollment in fall 2021 at Mineral Area College, where she will begin working on her goal of becoming an aeronautical engineer.

In his application essay, Kimball explained that space exploration has always been his dream. As a child, she remembers her fascination with the moon, the Spitzer, Viking and Voyager 1 telescopes. Some of her favorite memories are viewing different stars and constellations through her uncle’s telescope. Watching Perseverance Rover touch down on Mars recently was a great joy for Kimball, knowing that humanity could soon learn a lot more about the strangers in space.

Kimball said she knew her dreams were big and her replacement career goal was to become a counselor or teacher; however, she noted that she has always set big goals for herself and is determined to never give up. With this, she intends to work hard to realize her dream of an aeronautical engineer. Thinking even further into the future, Kimball said she hopes to give back to her community in a unique way; by implementing new ways for children to learn about space and science.


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