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Post Falls school board candidate sparks controversy over tweets


POST FALLS, Idaho – There are accusations that a candidate from Post Falls has a history of racism.

David Reilly is new to Post Falls and has no children in the school district. However, he says critical race theory, mandates and unions are ruining the education of children there.

“As parents, we have fallen from our divine duty to raise and educate our children because voicing our concerns about the curriculum taught to them in school is prohibited across the country,” Reilly said in a campaign video.

He says he will not allow schools to teach a curriculum that undermines Christian faith or morality.

Michelle Lippert, a retired philosophy professor at North Idaho College and current school board member is worried about the future of northern Idaho schools if Reilly is elected.

“I read songs he wrote. I saw his tweets. I’ve listened to podcasts he’s been on and it’s clear he’s very anti-Semitic, misogynist, homophobic, and appreciates white supremacy, ”Lippert said.

Reilly posted a tweet last January that said “White privilege is one thing because Jews pretend to be white when it suits them. All other members of European heritage foot the bill and take responsibility for their bad behavior. “

Reilly said he was opposed to Critical Race Theory, which is not taught in schools in northern Idaho.

Reilly also made several comments against the LGBTQ + community.

In a tweet last month, he accuses Pete Buttigieg and her husband of child trafficking.

Lippert says they have kids who identify as LGBTQ + and worries about what will happen to them

“We have LGBTQ students in our neighborhood, what would happen to them? I lived here for 30 years and remember what it was like when the Aryan nations were here, and the kind of division that was created. I don’t want that to happen. I’m scared – I’m scared for our community. I am afraid for our schools and I am afraid for our children, ”said Lippert.

4 News Now has been trying for a week to get an interview with Reilly. It was scheduled for Tuesday, but he canceled citing a family emergency.

In a statement, a spokesperson said: “We refer anyone who personally criticizes David to their platform and let them decide for themselves whether or not this is a platform that they are on. OK.

Reilly’s opponent Jacob Dawson sent this statement:

“I don’t focus on my opponent. However, I am focused on making our schools and students successful and, as mentioned, making sure all stakeholders have a voice and know they will be heard. It is important for me to keep the position of the non-partisan school board and to avoid political social programs within our schools.


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