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Procession to mark the beginning of a woman’s journey towards a university degree – The Royal Gazette


Updated: 05 Jan 2022 11:49 AM

Family and friends surprise Phylicia Furbert, center, with a motorcade as she prepares to leave Bermuda for Oral Roberts University (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

An adult student who made her dream of going to college come true after years of savings was sent on her way with a special motorcade.

Friends and family of Phylicia Furbert held the 29-year-old’s drive-by and thanked her for being a great friend.

Ms Furbert, who is flying on Friday to begin her studies at Oral Roberts University in the United States, said: “I felt so overwhelmed with joy and love.

“It really is a blessing to know that I have so much support and love from my family and friends.”

The 15-car parade featured balloons and a handmade sign and ended with participants congratulating Ms. Furbert and giving her good luck gifts and cards.

Ms Furbert, of St George’s, said her cousin took her to the Midland Heights Seventh-day Adventist Church in Hamilton Parish on Monday on the pretext of spending time together before she left.

She admitted that she almost didn’t go because she was exhausted.

Ms Furbert explained: ‘I didn’t want to go at first – I was tired because we had just run, but my cousin was like’ no come on you are leaving soon and we have to spend some time in Bermuda ‘.

“She led us to the parking lot of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Midland Heights and there were a couple of people inside.

“My other cousin – Courtney Harrison – was holding a sign saying ‘We love you Phylicia’ so at that point I knew something was up.”

Family and friends surprise Phylicia Furbert with a motorcade as she prepares to begin her studies at Oral Roberts University in the United States (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

Ms Furbert, a former teaching assistant at Saltus, said she had been planning to attend college since at least 2016, but the expense was a major hurdle.

She added that she had managed to raise enough money with the help of several family grants and loans, as well as years of savings.

Ms Furbert also said: “It was really just that God would open doors when they needed to be opened and put scholarships where they needed to be placed.”

She said it seemed “surreal” to her to be able to start college in mid-January.

Ms Furbert added that she would get a degree in Christian counseling from the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and hoped to return to Bermuda to start her own business.

Courtney Harrison, also 29, who helped organize the motorcade, said Ms Furbert was “like a sister” to her and was her bridesmaid at her wedding.

She added that she wanted to show Ms. Furbert how much we will miss her.

Ms Harrison said: “Phylicia has always been so supportive of her family and friends.

“She’s definitely someone who’s always been a cheerleader for others and a supportive person for those she loves, so it was really important for us to be able to do something.”

She added: “I’m usually not someone who cries, but it definitely brought tears to my eyes to hear how she impacted everyone and to realize that she is finally in. continuing his studies. “

Family and friends surprise Phylicia Furbert with a bon voyage procession as she prepares to leave Bermuda for college in the United States (Photo by Blaire Simmons)