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Publication of the honor rolls of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette spring 2021 | Ascension


The University of Louisiana at Lafayette has announced its rolls of honor for the spring of 2021.

Students are placed on the President’s List if they are full-time students and have earned a GPA of 3.8 or above for the semester. Students are placed on the Dean’s List if they are full-time students and have achieved a semester GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Ascension Parish

Dean’s list

Alexis Brown, Liberal Arts

Alison Roddy, Arts

Aliyah Winfrey, Business Administration

Ally Bordelon, Liberal Arts

Amber Pearson, Education

August Chopin, Business Administration

Braley Alexander, Business Administration

Brayden Lawless, Education

Christian Merrick, Business Administration

Daisy Guidry, Arts

Danielle Marcantel, nurse and paramedic

Emily Amos, Education

Emma Tooraen, Nurse and paramedic

Erik Viator, Arts

Erin Landry, Sciences

Erin Taylor, Sciences

Esa Haddad, Liberal Arts

Jazzlyn Snowten, Business Administration

Lajuan Magee, Arts

Lauren Delaughter, Liberal Arts

Madison Houdashelt, Liberal Arts

Mary Macias, Liberal Arts

Matthew Slaughter, Sciences

Meagan Luquette, Liberal Arts

Olivia Schmidt, University College

Sarah Cretini, Education

Sidney Mitchell, Engineering

Tori Davis, Science

Trevor Karl, Sciences

president’s list

Alyssa Abbott, Education

Alyssa Johnson, Sciences

Ava Blanchard, Arts

Chloé LeBlanc, Education

Elizabeth Latino, Liberal Arts

Ellie Hazlett, Liberal Arts

Emily Russell, Arts

Gabrielle Broussard, Education

Jade Furl, Education

Jordan Smith, Engineering

Julia LeBlanc, Nursing and Paramedical

Kaci Breaux, Liberal Arts

Kaitlyn Larzelere, Business Administration

Kentrell Garnett, Business Administration

Kinsey Hatfield, Liberal Arts

Laney LeBlanc, Education

Lexie Babin, Liberal Arts

Lindsey Oxford, Sciences

Lydia Overstreet, Nursing and Paramedic

Maria DeRoche, Liberal Arts

Mitchell Dixon, Arts

Molly Stutes, Nursing and Paramedic

Natalia Tooraen, Business Administration

Nicolas Couture, Arts

Olivia Arceneaux, Liberal Arts

Owen Chartier, Liberal Arts

Rosemary Ngari, Nurse and paramedic

Ryan Cook, Engineering

Sarah Guedry, Sciences

East Parish of Baton Rouge

Dean’s list

Adrienne Stokes, University College

Ajah Claiborne, Arts

Alexandria Anderson, Liberal Arts

Amyri Braud, Liberal Arts

Ashlyn Capello, Liberal Arts

Blair LeBleu, Liberal Arts

Brianna Cooper, Liberal Arts

Brock Sampite, Arts

Caleb Williams, Liberal Arts

Cardell Knighten, Engineering

Casey Stikes, Sciences

Charles McGoey, University College

Cierra Chatman, Business Administration

David Tullier, Business Administration

Duncan Clements, Business Administration

Emma Blanchard, Liberal Arts

Emma Englade, Education

Gabriel Mengarelli, Arts

George Johnson, Business Administration

Gina Ward, Business Administration

Jacob Martin, Business Administration

Jaelyn Jackson, Liberal Arts

Jahte Williams, University College

Jamien Holland, Education

Jeanne Smith, Sciences

Jeremy St. Julien, Sciences

Jolie Parola, Education

Jorge Signoret, Engineering

Julia Aaron, Liberal Arts

Julia Le Grande, Sciences

Kacee Stewart, Education

Kayla Butler, Engineering

Kayla Smith, Liberal Arts

Kaytlyn Williams, Liberal Arts

Kendall Umeozulu, Education

Kendrah Selders, University College

Kimyri Johnson, Nursing and Paramedic

Kira Brown, Business Administration

Korie Bazille, Nurse and paramedic

Kristina Hoskins, Arts

Kristina Khalid-Abasi, Sciences

Léa Bourg, Engineering

Madison Gauthier, Business Administration

Madison Russell, Arts

Madison Zeber, Business Administration

Mary Harrel, Arts

Michael Banks, Arts

Olivia Ashley, Sciences

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Nicole Crochet, Business Administration

Rachel Vosberg, Education

Riley Mockler, Business Administration

Riley Stewart, Liberal Arts

Roy Chavalitlekha, Engineering

Ryan Haycook, Science

Sidni Shorter, University College

Sophia Haik, Liberal Arts

Tammy Lord, Nursing and Paramedical

Trevion Collins, Liberal Arts

Walter Washington, Nursing and Paramedic

William Cook, Business Administration

Xenia Williams, Liberal Arts

Zachary Creel, Liberal Arts

president’s list

Alysia Blanco, Liberal Arts

Amelia Jennings, Liberal Arts

Anna Léger, Education

Anna Pousson, Liberal Arts

Arrington Holmes, Arts

Attylaka Follins, Liberal Arts

Baylee Knox, Business Administration

Braiyha Ingram, Arts

Ciera Malbrue, Nursing and paramedical care

Darius Coleman, Arts

Donald Voiers, Education

Emily Britt, Liberal Arts

Emily Martin, Liberal Arts

Ethan Loewe, Sciences

Gabriel Simon, Arts

Holly Maynard, Nursing and Paramedic

Imani Mccullam, Arts

Jessica Guelfo, Sciences

Jordan Brown, Sciences

Joshua Ford, Education

Kenisha Whitley, Education

Kennedy Jackson, Business Administration

Lauren Domangue, Arts

Lauren Foster, Liberal Arts

Lena Foster, Liberal Arts

Madelyn Myer, Liberal Arts

Morgan Brown, Sciences

Natalie Baldwin, Liberal Arts

Nicole Mistretta, Liberal Arts

Olivia Gordon, Liberal Arts

Olivia Guilbeau, Liberal Arts

Sadie Mouledoux, Business Administration

Sarah Martin, Sciences

Shelby Smith, Liberal Arts

Sydney Markham, Nursing and Paramedic

Zenora Hambrick, Liberal Arts

East Feliciana Parish

president’s list

Caleb Franklin, Sciences

Parish of Feliciana West

Dean’s list

Christopher Nettles, Nursing and Paramedic

Elizabeth Morgan, Liberal Arts

president’s list

Kelly Goff, Liberal Arts

Kirsten Morrisonk Sciences

Kristin Lanouek Business Administration

Parish of Livingston

Dean’s list

Collin Ross-Reynolds, Sciences

Gabriel Schenk, Business Administration

Hayden Franklin, Arts

Jonas Truax, Sciences

Jordan Gonzales, Business Administration

Lydia Chiasson, nursing and paramedical

Madison Hedrick, Liberal Arts

Marjorie Barbier, Arts

Megan Davis, Arts

Rachel Hubbard, Nursing and Paramedic

Rebecca Mckisson, Sciences

Samantha Mckisson, Engineering

Skylar Brandon, Arts

Travis Rosenberg, Business Administration

Tyshea McGee, Arts

president’s list

Aimée Leblanc, Liberal Arts

Brianna Murray, Education

Brianna Sleeth, Arts

Dane Dixon, Business Administration

Danielle Noto, Sciences

Graceann Carroll, Liberal Arts

Landon Crutchfield, Engineering

Lillian Laporte, Engineering

Madilynn Bulot, Business Administration

Michael Spencer, University College

Tangipahoa Parish

Dean’s list

Brooke Ridgedell, Liberal Arts

Charne ‘Hill, Sciences

Jasmin Thomas, nursing and paramedical

Jeremy McClendon, Business Administration

Krista Bailey, Nursing and Paramedic

Kyla McClendon, Nursing and Paramedic

Olivia Thornton, Sciences

Oteiana Elzy, Liberal Arts

Soledad Rodriguez, Nurse and paramedic

president’s list

Alliyah Williams, Science

Jordan Jackson, Science

Joseph Deville, Business Administration

Kristy Reynolds, Nursing and Paramedic

Lucas Coleman, Liberal Arts

Madison Carson, Liberal Arts

Mckenna Niland, Business Administration

Meghan Fussell, Liberal Arts

Samantha Huang, Liberal Arts

Wyatt Beachy, Liberal Arts


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