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It’s great that Indiana State Rep. Ed Soliday is so concerned about how inflation has eroded the ability of our gas tax to meet the repair needs of our roads and bridges. How about being equally concerned, Mr. Soliday, about how the frozen property taxes that fund our public schools have made it impossible for school districts to offset the effects of inflation on teacher salaries? Indiana teacher salaries are well below national averages, even without accounting for inflation. According to one source, bringing Indiana teacher salaries to a level competitive with other states and accounting for inflation would cost the state nearly $600 million. But instead of snacking on that, what are Indiana Republicans doing? Sending a $125 refund/bribe to every Indiana taxpayer.

Why all these student loans in the first place? Over the past two decades, states have dramatically reduced their support for higher education, with the result that the burden of financial support has been increasingly shifted onto the backs of students and their parents. Tuition fees at many public institutions about 20 years ago were a small fraction of what they are today. Between 2001 and 2020, for example, tuition fees in public institutions increased on average at more than three times the rate of inflation. At about the same time, in order to reduce costs, higher education institutions began to shift teaching from full-time tenure-track instructors to part-time appointed teachers, so that today more than half of teaching in higher education is done by poorly paid part-time instructors with no benefits or job security. Do I even need to tell you which of our two political parties led these two developments? When Donald Trump said he liked uneducated people, he was speaking on behalf of his entire political party.

What are the plans of the Republicans and Democrats for health care and infrastructure? Don’t forget to keep asking for them ahead of the midterm elections. You pay these people with your taxes. The economy will not grow if these problems are not solved. Don’t vote for someone unless they can come up with a reasonable plan to solve these problems!

Mayor Snedecor, it’s easy to see why you’re a laughing stock of the region. Your hyper-Christian behavior and toxic narcissism that leads you to making horrible decisions like a shooting range negatively affects almost a quarter of the residents and an elementary school and encourages mountain thug behavior in your representatives. The city’s xenophobic rulers don’t have to worry about being a haven for any refugee from Syria or Ukraine when it looks like a war zone.

Quickly, it was very boring this weekend. Almost all of the comments posted were from uneducated and unemployed people. Why do we never see comments from educated people who have a job?

In June, the January 6 commission will begin its hearings and they will be televised. Republicans have refused subpoenas, will not produce emails, and have not testified under oath. If they did not participate, distribute funds or organize this insurrection, why would they not cooperate with a federal investigation. As we will see at the beginning of these hearings, there is only one answer. They are guilty of trying to overthrow the elections and our democracy.

How can you say that the American justice system is “the best there is” while practically every day we hear of unarmed black people shot dead by the police, and the monster of Mar-a-Lago and his henchmen, who have done nothing less than attempt to overthrow our government under our eyes, run all over the loose? How can a justice system that allows these things, and more, be “the best there is”? Certainly, our justice system is not the worst, but it is certainly not the best either.

At my age, I never thought America would be so ashamed of its history. that it would punish people for teaching this story. Republicans are to the point that they will do anything to appease a crook and destroy our democracy in the process.

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Putin made a huge mistake! One of his goals for invading Ukraine centered on rebuilding the communist bloc and weakening NATO. NATO is not only stronger and more united, the word is that it is rapidly improving and building its defenses like never before. Putin apparently does not understand that unbridled ambition is like a bird without wings. Whatever the end result of the invasion, we must be impressed by the bravery and determination of the President, the army and the people of Ukraine. We are witnessing in real time a modern version of the story of David and Goliath. Putin should read history!

Democrats want to send a stimulus check to fight high gas prices. I hope they understand that checks should go to people who own cars? Electric cars and bicycles do not count.

All you hear is the Republicans are going to win the midterm elections. My question is why? They oppose any legislation that will help average Americans and offer none. They opposed the Equal Rights for Women Bill, the Build Back Better Bill, and even the Immigration Act. So why vote for them?

Jerry, it’s clear that you have little interest in or knowledge of politics or religion. Maybe that’s why your column on the two focused on the wrong issue. This is the salient factor of the IRS: A 501(c)3″ cannot publish or distribute printed statements or make oral statements on behalf of, or in opposition to, a candidate for public office. Therefore , a written or oral endorsement of a candidate is strictly prohibited. The rating of candidates, even on a nonpartisan basis, is also prohibited. And, “If I believed in an omnipotent, omniscient entity…I would obey it more than any mortal’s rules, even during a public health crisis”. Really? And how do you know what this entity is commanding except through “mortals”, unless of course you’re one of the few to whom does this entity speak directly?

As for Jerry Davich’s column on conservative preachers, there’s a good reason why there are few complaints about conservative and fundamentalist “Christian” ministers getting away with preaching politics, illegally, from their tax-exempt pulpits. Most of their followers agree and wholeheartedly support their bigotry and all-too-frequent racism. In theory, Christians are supposed to be everything for the values ​​defended by liberals. But it certainly doesn’t happen that way in practice. For them, charity begins at home. And that’s also where it ends.

Biden has some catching up to do to match Trump’s record. So far, no one in Biden’s administration has been charged or forced to resign for incompetence, conflict of interest or corruption.