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Does anyone suffer in silence? Is anyone angry with God? Is someone frustrated, depressed, numb with their feelings or isolating themselves? Anyone know that God is calling them higher? Who needs healing and a support group? Reset, heal and start over, now!

Shar the Life Coach LLC launched Academy start over! It is a group of lessons and support that helps heal those who suffer in silence. There are weekly healing and accountability tasks, group coaching and peer support. The course aims to challenge the thoughts, emotions and spirituality of the participants; while encouraging them to have fun during the healing process. All classes will currently take place virtually via the Zoom platform.

Course: Reset, Heal & Start Over, 13 Steps to Healing the Past & Becoming Present Now, After Loss

Registration open: 10/01/21 – 11/07/21

Start date: 7/11/21 – 1/30/22

The 13-week course provides participants with valuable tools for self-awareness and emotional healing:

• A variety of stimulating healing activities to help the mind and soul
• How to develop an individual spiritual routine
• Opportunities to share grief stories and express hidden emotions
• Emphasizing the importance of celebrating “victories” and overcoming “challenges”
• Discussions around 50 universal laws and 35 spiritual principles for living a life of integrity
• Alignment with objective and clarity of objective
• A safe place to consciously share and be heard
• Learn to live intentionally
• Receive healing tools and coping skills
• Identification and creation of the life that participants love

Shar said the following:

“The class is an opportunity for inner healing, stretching your mindset, and accepting growth-promoting challenges with like-minded people. It provides participants with a safe place to do their “inner work” in a loving and compassionate environment. Serious and stimulating; the pace of the weekly class is fast, but loaded with a lot of information that has an impact on life. 13 Weeks of Weekly Healing Homework – It’s fun, necessary and transformative. Many described the course as a “lifestyle change, not just another course!” It really is a “call to action”.

No books will be required to purchase, all content and information is included in the course. This is amazing! The instructor, Shar-, will reference a variety of books and can suggest specific books that have an impact and are good for study.

Shar Robinson is a Certified Spiritual Grieving Life Coach. She received 2 years of “Personal Development” at the Iyanla Vanzant school “Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development” (May 2021). Shar discovered her purpose through the skills, tools and principles she learned. Shar, was a grieving student. Now she has a unique ability to help those grieving the loss of a loved one, or those experiencing emotional loss of self and / or identity. His techniques help people live meaningful, purposeful lives – they create.

Baltimore, Maryland:

Shar Robinson helps individuals overcome grief, depression, and negative subconscious thought patterns. This includes helping to reprogram subconscious thoughts with 13 weeks of meditation and prayer, as well as how to identify and release beliefs that can limit free thinking and recreate a life they will love.

His ideal student is someone who feels “stuck” and who believes that he is not living up to his potential; traumatized by grief and loss, struggling to discover self-esteem and self-esteem. They may be stuck in pain and possibly addicted to grief, which can make them feel like they are not present in their own lives. Shar The Life Coach has been successful in guiding others out of their heads and into their hearts – and into their inner child – this is where most people would be disconnected, according to Shar.

Shar believes that each human being has their own spiritual program. She strives to help participants discover their purpose and a new interest in “living”. In other words, its purpose is to help participants locate, define and reframe their past, as this can lead to healing and acquiring the spark of positivity that stimulates growth. Through education in universal laws and spiritual principles and healing tools, Shar empowers many to reset spiritually, to take responsibility in healing, and to live transformed lives that they can create.

Shar The Life Coach makes it clear:

“Scars are a sign of honor, not shame. God’s people have authority and it’s time to walk there! Most people’s tears come from their inability to tell their story. People need a safe place to be vulnerable and to heal. Not everything that has been lost is required for the accomplishment of the goal. On the other hand, healing is necessary for individuals to achieve their goal. Begin Again Academy is a spiritual environment meant to achieve spiritual and transformational results. It is a place where people will decide to choose life.

She encourages individuals to come and receive a weekly “vibratory tune-up”.

Shar’s testimony consists of a life of emotional childhood trauma: rejection, resentment, abandonment, lack of family support, foster care, empowerment at age 16 – with a toddler. She was in an abusive relationship. Shar had low self-esteem and an inability to trust people. She did not feel “good enough, worthy or loved and accepted enough”. It was with a spirit of rejection that she suffered the most; his coping mechanism was alcohol.

After a difficult start to adulthood as an emancipated minor, Shar spent 20 years seeking to find herself. She returned to college at the age of 27 and school became her coping mechanism. She went to school with her children and got a successful career in education. She obtained a master’s degree in management and leadership, a bachelor’s degree in legal studies and an associate’s degree in Christian studies; with another associate’s degree in liberal arts.

Sadly, tragedy struck In 2009, Shar lost her best friend and ministry partner (Missionary Karen Amuneke) to breast cancer. In 2010, she lost her grandmother who helped her raise her (hospice / cancer), as well as her stepfather (hospice / cancer) and Mentor (tragic car accident). She became severely depressed. There were times when she didn’t care whether she lived or died; she has become very reckless and reckless, even to the point of having trouble with the law. After that, she saw a grieving therapist for a year.

Although Shar had come a long way in her recovery, she felt dissatisfied and wanted more support to overcome a poor lifestyle. As a result, Shar spent two years studying at Iyanla Vanzant’s school: Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development. The “Personal Development Program” provided her with spiritual reset, healing and an opportunity to start over. For example, she was no longer angry with God; she understood her individual spiritual program; she could own her power and create the life she loves.

After graduation from the 2-year personal development program. Shar immediately became a Certified Spiritual Grieving Life Coach through Coach Elephant (July 27, 2021). She is also a graduate of an 8 week “Kitchen Table CEO” program owned by Dr Sonja Stribling. Shar received the business knowledge necessary to create his Academy. Shar said she “received the blueprint to become her bigger version.” Knowing that her superpowers are “deep compassion and empathy,” she is launching a movement for people who suffer in silence. She has become a bridge to help injured people heal and create the life they love. His misery has truly become his ministry.

Shar has struggled to accept help and is grateful to the therapists and life coaches who have supported her healing so far. She encourages individuals to seek support, enroll in her 13-week “healing program” and receive the spiritual tools, laws and principles that directly contributed to her healing, transformation and upliftment. Registration is open now; 13 weeks and 13 healing missions in a fun, safe and spiritual environment.

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About the company:

Shar the Life Coach LLC is a coaching experience, support group and academy for people who want to break free from the chains of grief, trauma, discontent, inner child issues, anger and / or of rage – and embrace a conscious life and manifest a life filled with purpose. Individuals are supported to become better versions of themselves for their greater good.

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